Table in table Edit

abc def ghi
jkl mno pqr
stu vwx yz

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Color in tables Edit

abc def ghi jkl

Color 2 Edit

stu vwx yz
stu vwx yz
stu vwx yz

Cell parameters Edit

cell1 cell2 cell3

top parameter Edit

Row heading A longer piece of text. Lorem ipsum... short text
Row heading Excepteur sint occaecat... short text

cell content Edit

Cell content that is not indented 1
Indented content 2

Settings Edit

Name Effect Games found in
Poké Ball Regular Poké Ball All versions
Great Ball Better than a Poké Ball All versions

This column is 100 points wide This column is 200 points wide This column is 300 points wide
blah blih bluh

Melange Edit

Text before centered table...

An example table
First header Second header
upper left  

right side

lower left lower middle

Text before a nested table...

A table in a table
Wiki Wiki

Two Wikipedia logos

...text after a nested table

...text after centered table