Template:Infobox Character Rachel Barbra Berry is a main character on Glee. She is currently a Freshman at the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts (NYADA), run by dean Carmen Tibideaux. She is an alumna of William McKinley High School as of Goodbye, the twenty-second and final episode of Season Three. She was the first ever captain of the school's glee club, the New Directions, having later recruited Finn Hudson in Mattress, the twelfth episode of Season One. She was one of the three major self-proclaimed divas of the club: the others being two of her close friends, Kurt Hummel and Mercedes Jones.

Rachel is a very driven and ambitious young woman. She was raised by her two gay fathers, LeRoy and Hiram Berry, and was able to meet her biological mother Shelby Corcoran, the former coach of Vocal Adrenaline in Theatricality, due to the efforts of ex-boyfriend Jesse St. James. Rachel is very competitive and often flaunts her "diva" behavior by always demanding the spotlight and being the center of attention, due to her dream of performing on Broadway. However, on numerous occasions, Rachel has shown that she is slowly becoming more considerate and supportive towards the other members of New Directions.

In the episode Yes/No, Finn, whom she has had conflicting feelings for ever since the episode Pilot, proposes to Rachel and in Michael, Rachel accepts his proposal. In On My Way, they planned to get married but in the beginning of Big Brother it is revealed that they postponed their wedding due to Quinn Fabray's texting and driving car accident. In Goodbye, Finn told her that he is setting her free so that she could go to New York and follow her dreams which she couldn't do if she was married to him. She graduated from McKinley High School in the Season Three graduation episode, Goodbye.

In The New Rachel, in Season Four, Rachel is now a student at NYADA and is struggling to fit in with the new adjustments. Her dance teacher, Cassandra July, isn't making her stay in New York City very welcoming either. In The Break-Up, Finn returns but with the on-going drama, Rachel breaks off their relationship "for now" and their relationship was put on hold. In Glease , it seems their relationship has fully dropped after Finn says they shouldn't have contact and he doesn't want to know about Rachel's arrival to Lima, Ohio if she does return again someday. Although at Will's almost wedding they talk multiple times, sing a duet, and sleep together. Rachel took a pregnancy test at the end of I Do, and in Girls (and Boys) on Film, it's revealed that the pregnancy test was positive when she broke down in Santana's arms (after she found it), when she asked what was going on with her, leading to Santana comforting her. In Feud, it was revealed that it was a false positive. In the episode, Sweet Dreams, her broadway journey begins after auditioning for Funny Girl and asked to return for callbacks. During Wonder-ful, she and Cassandra July reconcile and they become friends, after promising she and other NYADA students will help her. In All Or Nothing, she re-auditioned for Funny Girl, but it's unknown if she's been selected.

Rachel Berry is portrayed by actress, singer and Broadway star Lea Michele.


Rachel was Born on December 18, 1994, in Lima, Ohio, USA. Rachel was "A Shining Star" from the start. Her very birth was out of love, as Hiram and LeRoy Berry, an interracial same-sex couple, wanted nothing more than to make their family complete by having their own child. Her fathers proceeded to screen potential surrogates based on IQ and beauty, and eventually decided on Shelby Corcoran. Shelby agreed to the idea, as the money she received allowed for her to pay for her trip to New York in a failed attempt to be a star on Broadway. Due to them mixing Hiram and Leroy's sperm together with a turkey baster prior to conception, Rachel indicated in Pilot that she does not know who her biological father is. 

Her fathers spoiled her in the arts and she claims to have won her first dance competition at the age of three months old. As a result, she has a high sense of self-worth and a love of being the center of attention. She uploads a new MySpace video everyday to keep her talent alive and growing. She is an active member of the Glee Club, Speech Club, Mock United Nations Club, Renaissance Club, Muslim Students Club, and Black Student Union. Rachel was raised in the Jewish faith, though her parents have always pushed her to be as open-minded to other beliefs and people as possible - although in Grilled Cheesus, her actions seemingly contradict that idea. As a result, she wants her own children to have freedom to believe what they want, so long as they are raised Jewish.


Season OneEdit

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Rachel is introduced in Pilot, in which she got the school's previous Glee teacher, Sandy Ryerson, fired for inappropriately touching Hank Saunders, a male student. Right off the bat, Rachel's show-offish personality shines through as she details how she had won her first dance contest while still a baby.

When Will Schuester holds auditions, Rachel performs the piece On My Own from Les Miserables and as soon as she finishes singing, she promptly asks when rehearsals begin. Once rehearsals start, she immediately begins to grow weary on the minds and tempers of the others, becoming easily angered for not getting her way and for not having better music selections, particularly in the first group number Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat. However, she seems to lighten up when Finn Hudson joins. With his skilled singing abilities and good looks, Rachel finds herself immensely attracted to him. The big problem about her feelings towards him is that he is dating her nemesis, Quinn Fabray. When Finn tries to leave the group, she works hard to convince him to stay because she knows that he really does like glee club but is afraid of being bullied by the rest of the school. She calls him a cliché. At the end of the episode she is then seen with the other Glee club members with the new acception of Finn and joins them in singing Don't Stop Believin'.



Rachel begins to take a more active approach at trying to win over Finn . Rachel continues to try and do what she can to get Finn's attention, including inducing vomiting so as to become thinner, and joining the Celibacy Club. Neither works out for her. Later, when the Glee kids, ignoring Mr. Schuester's orders reject his song selection of Le Freak and instead perform the more sexually driven song, Push It, Rachel gets the group in trouble not only with the Principal and Will, but it also results in Quinn joining the group along with Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce. While helping Finn practice his singing, Rachel puts together a very over-the-top, but nonetheless romantic picnic for them to enjoy. This leads to them sharing their first kiss, which unfortunately gets Finn overexcited, and he prematurely ejaculates. Embarrassed and feeling guilty, Finn rushes off, leaving Rachel confused and hurt.


Rachel's overbearing nature continues to cause a rift between her and Mr. Schuester in Acafellas, when she and the rest of the group criticize his choreography. This leads to him losing confidence and joining his own musical group, the Acafellas. Meanwhile Quinn convinces Rachel to hire award-winning choreographer Dakota Stanley. Unfortunately his costs are $8,000 per song. The glee kids get the money, but are soon horrified by how horrible Stanley is, who insults and rejects everyone in the group (sans the Cheerios) and attempts to kick them out of Glee for not looking like what he considers to be beautiful. This provokes the other kids to want to leave, but Rachel stops them and instead fires Stanley, and as a parting shot adds that she's taller than he is.


Rachel's diva nature flares up when Will gives Tina Cohen-Chang the solo in Tonight from West Side Story due to her never-ending jealousy of anyone who gets a part. Will tells Rachel the reason he gave the solo to Tina is that he wants to strengthen the confidence of the rest of Glee in anticipation of Regionals. She's upset that he is hurting her to make others feel good. Sue Sylvester finds out about Rachel's anger, and manipulating Principal Figgins, gets Sandy Ryerson rehired as the head of the arts department, which allows him to run the school musical, Cabaret. Sue has Sandy give Rachel the lead. With Will still refusing to give her the lead, Rachel quits Glee to join the musical.


The Rhodes Not TakenEdit

Unfortunately, the musical proves to be less than enjoyable for Rachel as seen in The Rhodes Not Taken. Sandy spends all his time insulting Rachel's talent, claiming that he could do better. Meanwhile, Will has gotten a ring-in to replace Rachel, April Rhodes, who was an old high school classmate and crush of Will's youth. Although talented, April is very irresponsible, teaching the Glee kids to drink and act up. April, a typical cougar, voices a sexual interest in the much younger Finn to Rachel, which infuriates her. Finn meanwhile attempts to get Rachel back in Glee, partly because of her talent and also because he misses her. This leads to their second kiss, which hurts Rachel when she realizes that Finn was manipulating her because he needs her help to win a scholarship in music, so that he has a future for himself and Quinn, who is pregnant with (supposedly) their baby. In the end, however, Rachel is unable to stand Sandy's directing and truly misses the group, so she returns to Glee Club.


Vitamin DEdit

Rachel and Finn are at odds, when Rachel discovers that during the mash-up competition between the boys and girls, the boys took performance enhancing pseudoephedrine (given to them by Terri Schuester) to energize them. In a move that disturbs Rachel herself, the girls take the same drug, giving a wildly energetic performance of Halo/Walking on Sunshine. Afterwards, both Finn and Rachel agree they were wrong to take the drugs, and come clean to Will. This however causes a massive backlash, getting Terri fired as the school nurse, and gaining Glee a co-director: Sue Sylvester, who has no talent in showbiz and openly wants to destroy Glee Club.


Sue's control as co-director causes immediate trouble in Throwdown, as Sue splits the kids up, taking all the minority students because she claims Will thinks of them as lesser students. However, while the minority students enjoy singing songs that speak to their backgrounds, they are not happy at being split up from the others. Meanwhile, Rachel, upon discovering Quinn's pregnancy, does what she can to keep the truth of the pregnancy hidden from school reporter Jacob Ben Israel, who has a massive crush on Rachel. She offers her underwear in exchange for his silence. Although Finn is touched, Quinn demands that Rachel stay away from Finn. Undeterred, Rachel warns Quinn that Sue will not side with her when the news of her pregnancy finally does come out, and that Rachel and the rest of the Glee Club will be there for her. Rachel is proven right when Sue reveals that she is aware of the pregnancy and throws her out of the Cheerios. Just as Rachel promised, the Glee Club sings Keep Holding On, promising to be there for Quinn no matter what.


Rachel begins a short-lived relationship with former foe Noah Puckerman who, after being convinced by his mom to find a nice Jewish girl, begins to pursue her romantically. Rachel is touched by his sudden kind nature and a night of making out. Unfortunately, Puck begins to feel that dating Rachel is killing his reputation in school, but that he now understands how bad it can be for people like her. However, Puck, unable to live his life like that, decides to return to the football team rather than be a social outsider. However, when Ken Tanaka makes the football players choose between the team and Glee, Puck returns to Glee. Rachel is again touched but quickly realizes that Puck is in love with Quinn and that she is still in love with Finn. They end their relationship, and when Rachel attempts an offer at friendship, Puck rejects her offer.


In Wheels, Rachel's rivalry with Kurt Hummel begins to show itself, when Will gives her the solo in Defying Gravity. Kurt, who loves the song, challenges the decision, and Will agrees to let them compete in a Diva-Off. The winner will sing the solo. Rachel protests, because she knows that the other kids will select Kurt because they like him more. Kurt however asks the kids to be fair in their selection, despite him being more popular and a better dresser. In the end, Kurt intentionally throws the competition, due to some personal issues involving his father.



Upon singing a duet of Endless Love with Will in front of the glee club, Rachel's romantic interests shift from Finn to Will. Rachel begins to behave obsessively and inappropriately around Will, leading to Terri taking advantage of the situation by manipulating Rachel into cooking dinner for her and Will and performing general cleaning duties in Will's house. Will makes many attempts to get her to stop, but it is not until she is approached by Suzy Pepper, another girl who once had a crush on Will, that Rachel realizes how inappropriately she was behaving.


Kurt still continues his rivalry with Rachel when he manipulates Rachel with false advice on how to win over Finn. Openly insulting Rachel, he convinces her to take on a sultrier look (comparing her to the character Sandy in Grease). While the look does get Finn's attention, Finn admits that he preferred Rachel as she normally is. Rachel then confronts Kurt, who admits that they are both in love with Finn, and that as long as Quinn is in the picture, neither of them will ever have him. Rachel informs Kurt that her chances of being with Finn are better, because "I'm a girl" and Finn isn't gay. In the end, although not quite friends, both have bonded over their shared heartbreak

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When the Glee Club gets it page taken away from the yearbook in Mattress, Rachel is the only one upset, wanting to have her glory and believing that other Glee kids feel the same way, when in reality, it is quite the opposite. Will gets them one quarter of a page, in which only the two captains of the club can be shown. The group unanimously elects Rachel alone. Will asks Rachel to convince someone else to be co-captain. When everyone else says no, she convinces Finn to take the picture with her. However, after being bullied by the football team, Finn doesn't show up, breaking Rachel's heart. However, Rachel manages to get the yearbook photographer to hire the Glee Club for a mattress commercial in which they sing Jump. Unfortunately, the commercial takes away the kids' amateur status, making them unable to compete in Sectionals. It’s only when Will steps down as director that they are allowed to perform again.

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Emma Pillsbury is selected by Will to take over as director and take the kids to the competition. Unfortunately with Will gone, they don't have their set list. Rachel offers one of her ballads, but Mercedes Jones, who is furious at Rachel always getting the spotlight, demands her own chance, which Emma supports. Mercedes sings a powerful ballad, which results in a standing ovation from the entire Glee, Rachel included. Rachel tells Mercedes that her performance was wonderful and concedes to let her sing the ballad, with the two sharing a hug. Meanwhile, Rachel begins to grow suspicious about Quinn's pregnancy, slowly realizing that Puck might be the father, not Finn. When she shares this information with the Glee Club, they disregard it awkwardly, because they all know that it’s true, but do not want to get involved in Finn, Quinn, and Puck's personal drama. Rachel, however, brings this theory up to Finn, who discovers that it's true. Furious, he breaks up with Quinn, breaks off his friendship with Puck and quits Glee. Rachel, who is guilty about her own selfish actions, talks to Quinn, expecting to get beaten up. Quinn admits that she's not angry at Rachel because Rachel did what she couldn't: tell the truth. At the competition, the Glee Club is horrified to discover that their rival schools stole their set-list and are performing all of their songs. The group agrees to do a new set-list, but only have an hour in to which prepare. Rachel, taking control, asks Mercedes to do a different ballad, but Mercedes admits that she has nothing else prepared and asks that Rachel step forward. With Finn's timely return, the group goes out to perform. Rachel sings Don't Rain on My Parade, and with the rest of the group she performs You Can't Always Get What You Want and Somebody to Love (this last song is not seen performed on screen, but implied in the green room). In the end, the group wins Sectionals and Will comes back as their director, preparing for the next competition.



Rachel and Finn are now "kind of" dating, until Finn decides to connect with his inner rock star; he breaks up with her, leaving Rachel shocked and angry. This leads her to sing Gives You Hell, directed at Finn. Mr. Schuester tells her this is not a "Hello" song for the assignment, so she goes to the music store in search of a new song. There, she meets Jesse St. James, the male lead of Vocal Adrenaline, and the pair have immediate chemistry when they perform Hello by Lionel Richie. Rachel begins dating Jesse, which upsets New Directions and they want her out of the club if she doesn't break up with him because they think he is dating her to spy on their club for Regionals. She goes to Carmel High School, and asks Jesse if he is doing this for competition, and he denies it. Rachel asks Jesse to keep their relationship a secret, and he does so, but only to be looked on by Vocal Adrenaline's coach, Shelby Corcoran. When Finn tries to get back together with Rachel, she turns him down, and lies to him about her relationship with Jesse. When the Glee club performs Hello Goodbye, she runs out on the performance, leaving Finn speechless.


The Power of MadonnaEdit

Rachel and Jesse's relationship grows. Rachel is pressured to "do it" with Jesse but she tells him she's not ready yet, but lies to Finn that she "did it" because she wanted to make Finn jealous. The glee girls realize they are not being treated fairly so led by Rachel, they sing Express Yourself to show their independence as strong females. Although Finn thinks that Rachel is not dating Jesse anymore, Santana tells him that she still is. He asks Rachel and she admits it but says that they can still be friends. They then sing Borderline/Open Your Heart. She tells Jesse that she is ready to have sex with him which leads to Like a Virgin. Right before they have sex, Rachel says that she's not ready and that it would feel like she's betraying her team and "sleeping with the enemy." When Finn asks her about it the next day, she lie's and says that she did have sex to make Finn jealous. Finn also fibs and says that on his date with Santana he didn't have sex, although he really did.


This is the first episode of the season where Rachel doesn't really have much of a storyline. At first, when Mercedes starves herself and gets hungry, she sees Rachel and Jesse St. James walk past together as a couple, Rachel as a cupcake. Rachel is also seen supporting Mercedes when she sings Beautiful and also with New Directions when they sing Home with April. 

Bad ReputationEdit

In Bad Reputation, Rachel asks Puck to assist her in their glee assignment, creating a video to Run Joey Run. Unbeknownst to each of them until the video is completed, she also has Finn and Jesse triple-cast in the role of her boyfriend, Joey. They are offended to see they were all playing the same role and were edited in at different points during the video. Puck and Finn become angry, and Jesse breaks up with Rachel as a result. The episode closes with Rachel singing Total Eclipse of the Heart as the club members leave the classroom.



Rachel realizes that some glee club members are faking their singing (with help from A/V club president Lauren Zizes). She tells Will, complaining that she is doing most of the work, exhausting herself and getting ill in the process. She reveals the non-participants as Finn, Quinn, Puck, Brittany and Santana. Will gathers the students and gives them a new task for the week - each Glee club member will have to do solos, and each must choose a song that best represents their feelings. Rachel then confronts the non-participating glee members and insults them, leading her to sing The Climb. But when she starts losing her voice, she goes to the doctor. Later, after an examination by Rachel's doctor reveals that she suffers from tonsillitis and may need to have her tonsils removed. She is afraid to have the surgery fearing it will affect her voice and believing that her singing prowess is her only asset. Finn, who accompanies Rachel to her doctors appointment, tries to convince her that he loves everything about her and that there's more to her than her voice. He tells her that if she lost her ability to sing then Jesse would no longer find her attractive. Rachel tells Finn that she still cares about Jesse and that he needs to move on. To put her fear into perspective, Finn introduces her to his friend Sean, who was paralyzed from the upper chest down during a football game. At first, Rachel is nervous and overwhelmed by the meeting - but Finn forces her to stay as Sean tells her about his grueling experiences with his disability and how he realized that a person is not just one single thing. She then begins to understand why Finn brought her and thanks Sean as she leaves. Rachel eventually recovers her voice after taking the antibiotics her doctor prescribed. She goes back to Sean's house to thank him again, and offers to give him singing lessons. They start singing One and the image and music switch between her duet with Sean and the rest of the Glee club's own rendition of the song in a stage rehearsal. The episode ends with a tearful Rachel holding Sean's hand while they sing the last lines.

Dream OnEdit

Rachel gets back together with Jesse and confides in him of her lifelong dream to discover the identity of her biological mother. While they are searching through boxes of records from her basement, Jesse takes a tape from his jacket and pretends that it came from the box. The tape is labeled "From mother to daughter." Rachel refuses to listen to the tape, stating that she is not ready. Jesse later meets with Shelby in her car, where she reveals that she is Rachel's mother, but a contractual agreement prevents her from meeting with Rachel, but Rachel has to find her herself. She implores Jesse to convince Rachel to listen to the tape, stating that not being able to meet Rachel is her one regret. Shelby sings I Dreamed a Dream on the tape, leading to a duet with Rachel singing in a fantasy sequence.


Rachel finds out Shelby is her mother when she recognizes her voice after Shelby sings Funny Girl. Shelby later meets with Rachel and says they should "be grateful for one another from afar," saying she is her mother but not her mom also stating that she regrets not meeting Rachel after she was born. Rachel asks Shelby to sing with her, and they sing Poker Face together, accompanied by Brad on the piano. Rachel asks Shelby to help make her a Lady GaGa costume and shows her the one that she put together and says its from the childhood she never knew.



Rachel finds out Jesse was playing her the whole time. She and Jesse break up in the beginning of the episode when he announces he is returning to Vocal Adrenaline because he feels that New Directions didn’t respect him or his ideas. Rachel becomes extremely depressed and goes into an even deeper “funk” than the rest of the club. Near the end of the episode, Jesse calls her asking to meet in the parking lot. As she runs toward him, the rest of the Vocal Adrenaline members emerge from behind their Range Rovers and throw eggs at her. Jesse tells her he loved her and breaks the last egg on her forehead. The rest of New Directions are furious at them when they find out and respond by singing Give Up the Funk in front of Vocal Adrenaline putting them in a “funk.”


Rachel, along with most of the club, lose all hope of even placing in Regionals and are thrown into despair after learning that Sue Sylvester is part of the panel of judges. Finn later confronts her and encourages her to be more motivating as co-captain of the team and she kisses him. Right before their opening song, Finn confesses his love for Rachel and this adds to the emotional depth of their duet, Faithfully. After their Journey medley, Rachel and New Directions are convinced that they will place or even win Regionals. Sadly, however, they end up coming in third despite the fact that Sue voted them for first place. Because of this, it is decided that New Directions will be disbanded as it is part of Mr. Schuester and Principal Figgins's deal to place at Regionals in order to keep the program. Rachel, along with the club, perform the number, To Sir, With Love, to show
their appreciation for Mr. Schuester's devotion and to show that no matter what the judges said, they still won because they had him. Sue Sylvester sees their performance and later convinces Figgins to give the program another year. When Will gives them the good news, Rachel is ecstatic and wants to start rehearsing for next year's sectionals. Rachel later learns that Shelby adopted Beth, instead of wanting to know her. Will then performs Over the Rainbow and she is seen being affectionate with Finn, hinting that they are back together.

Season TwoEdit


The first scene we see Jacob Ben Israel asking Rachel and Finn about Rachel being a "controllist." Rachel corrects him (controllist isn't a word) and defends herself saying,"performing is my life, and yes, do I have opinions about it? Does my need to constantly express my opinions annoy my fellow glee clubbers..." Finn accidentally blurts "Yes" out loud, which makes Rachel slightly annoyed.


Later everybody gathers together and performs Empire State of Mind, where she watches Sunshine Corazon, the Filipino exchange student, seem interested in the glee club's performance. From there Rachel meets Sunshine again in the bathroom trying to convince her to join glee club, and when Sunshine starts to sing along to "Telephone," Rachel sees her as competition and it turns into a bit of a showdown in Rachel's opinion but is suddenly ended when Sue yells "Shut up!" She is next seen talking to Mercedes and Kurt, trying to convince them to be slushied brutally by Azimio and Karofsky, (after being paid by Rachel) in front of Sunshine so she doesn't join glee club. So after they say no to her idea, she says she'll be nice but instead tells Sunshine that the auditions were in a former crack house where they used Sunshine's sheet music as toilet paper. Mike and Tina find out and tell Mr. Schue. Her excuse is "I love you guys..." Rachel gets in trouble and apologizes to Sunshine and offers to buy her a new set of sheet music if she comes to the auditorium for a real audition. Where Sunshine sings, Listen. While listening, Rachel gets squirmish hearing how amazing Sunshine's voice is. When Sunshine is snatched up by Vocal Adrenaline, the glee club blames Rachel for Sunshine not choosing to stay. Finn tells Rachel that it would be best if she apologized to the glee club, and she agrees that she will. Rachel reveals to Finn that she was rude to Sunshine because she loves her spotlight and didn't want to lose it. Finn says he is not mad at Rachel and they both agree to never break up. Before apologizing, Rachel goes to the auditorium for alone time and sings What I Did For Love.



We find out that Rachel has bad tooth hygiene and Carl cleans them; during the anesthesia, Rachel has fantasies about being like Britney Spears and sings Baby One More Time, and the next day she appears at school wearing an extremely inappropriate outfit, drawing all guys' attention to her. Santana congratulates her on finally dressing better. She soon gives up on her new image, realizing that's not her, and asks Finn to choose: her or the football team. Finn says that when he scores a touchdown, he will look to the crowd and point to her, which Rachel thinks is romantic. Still insecure, Rachel sends Quinn to ask him out, and is pleased when he turns her down. At the end, she apologizes to Finn for giving him an ultimatum, and sings The Only Exception.

Grilled CheesusEdit

Rachel tells Finn about how she is Jewish, and how his belief in Jesus is affecting their relationship. She asks Finn that when they have children, that they raise them in the Jewish faith. Finn agrees and she lets Finn touch the sides of her breasts. She later sings Papa, Can You Hear Me? to Kurt's father. and gets a solo in the group performance of One Of Us.



Rachel and Finn sing Don't Go Breaking My Heart and she admits that she doesn't feel like a very nice person and that her relationship with Finn has inspired her to become a better person. She then decides that she and Finn should throw the competition and allow Sam to win in hopes that this will give him the confidence boost, as well as the increased confidence from his team members, needed to strengthen himself and the team. This act, as pointed out by Finn, is not entirely selfless, as Rachel hopes the end result will be first place at Nationals. Finn and Rachel then spend the majority of the episode brainstorming on how to lose without being too obvious that they are trying to throw the competition and convincing Sam to remain partners with Quinn. Their duet, With You I'm Born Again is met with overwhelmingly negative criticism with Quinn even commenting, "I seriously wanted to punch both of you" thus costing them the competition exactly as they had hoped. Rachel then decides to talk with Kurt and tells him that they are more alike than he would believe. She then tells him she believes they will win Nationals because they have him on their team. She then proposes a duet of, Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy, which they sing as the episode's closing number.

The Rocky Horror Glee ShowEdit

Mr. Schue reveals that the group will do The Rocky Horror Picture Show as the Spring Musical. Rachel is concerned about doing a show that has such a racy and adult premise, which Will assures her he'll edit. Rachel then volunteers Finn and herself to play the main roles of "Brad" and "Janet." While rehearsing, Finn reveals that he's self-conscious about his body, but Rachel promises him that he should not be, because she loves him how he is, just like he loves her how she is. They later perform Dammit Janet, Time Warp, and Sweet Transvestite.

Never Been KissedEdit

She is seen in the Glee Club rehearsals, she's also seen in a flashback with Finn. She has a solo on Start Me Up/Livin' On a Prayer.

File:Rachel Younger.jpg

The SubstituteEdit

Rachel is seen as a younger version of herself who requests that they honor Bernadette Peters with their Sectionals setlist. Later she is seen trying to take over Glee Club, and asks everyone what songs they would like her to perform at sectionals, when Santana tries to attack her, however, she is restrained. When Ms. Holliday comes to take over in Mr. Schue's absence, Rachel is opposed to the idea of free time and fun and wants to focus on Sectionals. She goes to Mr. Schuester's and tells him what Ms. Holliday has been doing and how she is friends with Sue. Later Ms. Holliday comments that Rachel is a drag to her and asks her what song she would like to perform in which she asks her to perform Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag with her. They perform it and become friends. She later performs Singing In the Rain/Umbrella with Mr. Schue and Ms. Holliday.


Rachel convinces the glee club to convince their boyfriends to tell Karofsky to back off Kurt. Only when she tells Finn, he says no because he might lose his quarterback job. Then at the wedding Rachel walks into where Finn is getting dressed and sees Santana in the room talking to Finn that Finn should break up with Rachel. But during the wedding Rachel gets Finn's mothers flowers and Finn looks back at her. At the wedding Finn mentions Finn and Rachel's nickname: Finchel. Then when Finn mentions Rachel and Puck's nickname: Puckleberry she gets a disgusted look on her face. She is seen dancing with Finn at the end happily. When Kurt says he's leaving for Dalton Academy the first thing she says is that he'll be competing against them (Them being New Directions


Special EducationEdit

Rachel is outraged to find that Mr. Schuester has given the Sectionals ballad to Sam and Quinn (Who she calls Ken and Barbie) and that Finn lied to her about having sex with Santana during the previous year. After helping Kurt prepare the ballad Don't Cry For Me Argentina from the musical Evita for his solo audition with the Warblers, both the Warblers and New Directions meet at Sectionals, where Rachel further supports Kurt. By the end of the episode, Rachel forgives Finn, but he breaks up with her for making out with Puck while they weren't speaking. Distraught over their split, Rachel turns down the solo in Dog Days Are Over and, instead, offers it to Mercedes and Tina.


A Very Glee ChristmasEdit

Rachel tries to get back together with Finn. At the beginning of the episode when everyone else is talking around the tree she asks Finn to meet her at the auditorium at 4:00 the next day he reluctantly agrees. The next day at the auditorium Rachel has made a winter wonderland from artificial trees, snow made by the AP Club and got the band together. When Finn gets there and realizes what she's trying to do he turns her down and leaves. Later when Sue Sylvester dressed as the "Grinch" destroys the glee club's Christmas tree and takes all the presents for the needy, Rachel approaches Finn and says that as the co-captains they should do something about it. So he takes her to go tree shopping for a new tree. When the song Last Christmas comes on Rachel says it's her favorite Christmas song and as they each go down different isles of trees Rachel starts singing and Finn joins in, at the end of the song they kiss. However Finn pulls back, and says he still wasn't ready to forgive her and says that it's because he's had two girlfriends who have both cheated on him, resulting in him officially breaking up with her. After Sue is touched by the Glee groups song in the teacher's lounge, she gets the Glee kids to help Will celebrate Christmas, who otherwise would have spent it alone. While decorating the tree, Rachel offers Finn a tentative smile before looking away. Finn, then gives a small reluctant smile of his own as he watches her, hinting at forgiveness.


The Sue Sylvester ShuffleEdit

The glee club and the football team are forced to come together to perform at the half time show of the big football championship game. Rachel sings a duet with Puck (Need You Now) to show the football players just what they do in glee club. It is later revealed that Rachel only got Puck to sing the song to make Finn jealous. Rachel also gets the idea to join the football team when the jocks quit so that the team doesn't have to forfeit. The team wins the big game when the football jocks return and play the rest of the time


Silly Love SongsEdit

Rachel continues to try and win back Finn. Finn sets up a kissing booth at McKinley, in the hopes of getting Quinn to kiss him. Rachel reveals to Kurt and Mercedes, at a sleepover, that she plans to win Finn over at the kissing booth by paying him a 100 dollar bill, forcing him to kiss her 100 times and fall for her again. However, Mercedes tells her that she can be successful without a guy, and that she doesn't really need Finn. Still, Rachel presses on to go to the kissing booth, just with one dollar in hand. She tells Finn that she is over him, but when he kisses her on the cheek, she gets upset and admits she is still in love with him. Finn lets her know that he thinks she is the best person in the school and that just because they can't be together doesn't mean he doesn't believe in her. Quinn and Finn later kiss at the kissing booth and have "fireworks.. Santana kisses Finn, giving him mono, which Finn later passes onto Quinn when kissing in the auditorium. Finn becomes sick and Rachel takes care of him. Finn leads her to believe that she has no place with him, which he objects, but she made up her mind. She sings Firework and moves on with the new belief in herself that she can be great with or without a guy.


Rachel gives Brittany money to dress like her, claiming she is done with relationships. Later Sue pits her and Mercedes against each other, They have a diva-off (Take Me or Leave Me) in which the two end up laughing and remaining friends. She proposes to the club that they should perform original songs for Regionals. Nobody agrees except Finn.


Blame It on the AlcoholEdit

Rachel is working on the song that she is writing for Regionals. Puck wants Rachel to have a party at her house over the weekend while her fathers are out of town. Rachel declines the offer and says that her dads left her at home because she is responsible. Puck calls her a "bore." Later, Rachel sings the song she is working on to Finn and also makes peace by hugging and him and saying that there shouldn't be any tension between them. Rachel sings My Headband to Finn, Finn stops her and tells her the song is terrible. Rachel agrees and thinks she needs to become a woman and "live," so she can write a good song. Rachel hosts a party at her house that weekend and at first only wants everyone to have two wine coolers, but after noticing that people were starting to leave, she is persuaded by Puck to open her dads' liquor cabinet. All of New Directions except for Finn, gets drunk and starts acting wildly, including Rachel. She starts hanging all over Finn and becomes a "needy-drunk." Offended by his label, she starts a game of Spin the Bottle and ends up kissing Blaine. She and Blaine later sing Don't You Want Me. Rachel later calls Blaine and asks him on a date. He accepts and their date is "lovely." She makes a bet with Kurt that she will kiss Blaine sober and there will still be chemistry between them. At the school assembly, New Directions takes a shot of alcohol and during the song, Brittany throws up on Rachel. Later, Rachel agrees never to drink again. At the end of the episode, Rachel kisses Blaine sober and there is zero chemistry. However, Rachel is happy that she was in a relationship with someone who turned out to be gay and decides to use this as her inspiration for her songwriting.



Rachel is seen taking part in a celibacy club meeting with Quinn. It was revealed that the last meeting was spent on Quinn being interviewed by Rachel on her relationship with Finn. Rachel, along with Quinn, Puck, Emma, and Carl sing Afternoon Delight to promote celibacy. Unbeknownst to Emma, the song is about sex. Humiliated, Rachel confronts Emma who tells her that Afternoon Delight is about pie. Rachel then runs off the stage. In a flashback scene, Finn is seen making out with Quinn in her bedroom, giving Quinn a hickey. Rachel does not yet know about this.

Original SongEdit

Rachel is seen singing her original song to Finn. Only Child, is her song and Finn states that it is better than her previous original song, My Headband but she needs to access her deep pain and write a song about it. Quinn is seen spying on Finn and Rachel, worried over the fact that Finn "might stray" away from her because of Rachel's talent and Finn and Rachel's connection they have always had. She decides to make Rachel her best friend by keeping her "enemy" close. When New Directions are deciding on what to sing at Regionals, Rachel again brings up the idea of writing original songs. Most of New Directions shoot her down, but Quinn supports her idea and offers to write a song with Rachel. Rachel seems happy by this, oblivious to what Quinn's true motives are. In the hallway, Rachel overhears Quinn and Finn talking about their relationship, and later confronts Quinn in the auditorium. Quinn says she is in a relationship with Finn and that Rachel should give up on him. Rachel refuses, saying that it is not over between them. Quinn begins yelling at Rachel and Rachel decides to write a song on her own. She later writes Get It Right, while crying. At Regionals, Finn tells Rachel "break a leg," while Rachel says that the last time they were there he told her he loved her. Finn tells Rachel
File:Get it right.png
he likes her song. Rachel then tells Finn to "listen carefully, 'cause I mean every word of it." During Rachel's performance of Get it Right she and Finn share glances, which suggest that Finn is not over Rachel. Finn and Rachel hug at the end of Loser Like Me, with Quinn watching, appearing jealous. New Directions win Regionals, and later in the choir room Rachel is awarded an MVP award. She thanks all of New Directions for supporting and trusting her.

A Night of NeglectEdit

Rachel thinks of herself as a neglected artist and plans to sing Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On. Rachel believes Sunshine is a spy and tries to warn the rest of the Glee Club but they don't listen to her because they need her to earn enough money to go to Nationals. Finn and Quinn can't handle Mercedes and her 'diva fit' so they appoint Rachel 'Head of Talent Relations' which Rachel eventually accepts. When Mercedes refuses to go on during the Benefit Concert Rachel goes after her and convinces her to come back and perform. Mercedes asks why Rachel is a bigger star than her. Rachel says that all she cares about is being a star and she doesn't care if people like her. After Mercedes is done singing Ain't No Way, she tells Rachel that its time for the closing act. Rachel tells her that nothing could top that, so she won't go on.

File:Rachel born this way.png

Born This WayEdit

Finn accidentally hits Rachel in the nose whilst dancing, and he goes with her to the doctor. She is told that her nose is broken, but it is a "clean break" and there is an opportunity to get a nose job. Rachel looks puzzled, but also as if she is considering it. Later, she informs New Directions that her nose is broken, but she is considering getting a nose job. On her next doctor's appointment, Quinn accompanies her and she encourages Rachel to have the procedure. She and Quinn sing a very popular rendition of I Feel Pretty/Unpretty. When Rachel informs the Glee Club that she is going to have the procedure, they say they have thought about it and they are all against it. Rachel argues, and then Finn says that Rachel is beautiful and shouldn't get the nose job. She looks touched, but then says that she is going through with it. Later on in the girl's restroom Puck comes in and tells her he doesn't want her to have the nose job and to give him an hour of her day. The next day, Rachel and Puck are shown at the mall where they meet Kurt and Kurt expresses his disinterest in the procedure and that they're here to have a "Barbravention." Then everyone breaks out in dance to Barbra Streisand, where the rest of New Directions later join in. When the rest of New Directions are about to perform "Born this Way," she comes in and tells them she cancelled her appointment and is not going to have the nose job. They support her and she later joins in on Born This Way where her shirt is revealed to say "Nose."


Rachel is found asking Sam to prom, however he turns her down. She is up to her old tricks in trying to get Finn back, being the one who brings to Finn's attention the rumor about Quinn cheating on him with Sam. Her and Finn then go on a stakeout to try to find out exactly what Sam and Quinn are up to but stumble upon Kurt and Sam hugging; the two jump to conclusions and rumor soon spreads. They later go on another stakeout and this time spot Sam with Quinn. Rachel then sings Go Your Own Way to Finn in Glee club which leads to Sam telling everyone about the rough time he's been having lately at home. Rachel goes with Finn to the motel once again and they meet Sam's little brother and sister. They give Sam back his guitar which he had to sell and encourage him to stay in New Directions, for himself and for the team. Rachel joins in with the group number of Don't Stop and is seen dancing with Sam's siblings.
File:Prom Night-9.jpg

Prom QueenEdit

Rachel comforts Mercedes when she leaves the choir room and tells her that she also doesn't have a date to the prom. She comes up with a plan. Rachel and Mercedes then meet Sam in the auditorium and they tell him about their proposition, that they both want to go with Sam to the Prom and they'll loan him money for the corsages and they'll both buy $5 dresses. The next scene Rachel is seen at the auditorium preparing and she sings Rolling in the Deep. A surprising moment comes when Jesse shows up sings the song with her. Afterwards he tells Rachel that he is sorry for how he treated her and asks if she's doing anything for prom. Rachel tells Finn that Jesse will be joining her, Sam and Mercedes at their Prom on a budget. Finn then talks to her and tells her that he still cares for her deeply and Rachel tells him he needs to respect whoever she is dating. As a show of respect, she tells him to get a simple corsage for Quinn with green ribbon to match her eyes.

Rachel, Mercedes, Sam and Jesse all meet up at Breadstix before the prom and discuss their expectations for the night. Rachel agrees with everything Jesse says which might be a sign that she also still likes Jesse. Finn and Quinn show up, sparking tension between Finn and Jesse, which Mercedes promptly defuses.

At the Prom, Rachel sings Jar of Hearts whilst sharing some very telling glances with Finn, who is on the floor
dancing with Quinn. As Blaine performs I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You, a fight breaks out on the dance floor between Jesse and Finn, who is upset at how close Jesse is getting to Rachel (Jesse started kissing Rachel's neck while dancing). After a punch is thrown, Finn and Jesse are both thrown out. Rachel follows Quinn into the bathroom after Principal Figgins announces that Kurt is prom queen. Quinn is angry and blames Rachel for everything that happened, saying that no-one voted for her because they all knew that Finn would rather be with Rachel and slaps her in the face, but then quickly apologizes. Quinn reveals that she's terrified of the future. Rachel says she is the prettiest girl in the school but that she is "much more than that."


Rachel is the only member of glee club that is happy with Jesse's return as New Direction's show choir consultant. When Will announces that he is planning on doing one group number and one duet, Finn states that he and Rachel should sing the duet, Rachel seems touched by this but still agrees with Jesse when he suggests they use Vocal Adrenaline's method of focusing the performance around their best member. Rachel later encounters Finn in the hallway and asks him why he hadn't signed up to be the lead performer at Nationals. He says he's 'Lima good' but not 'New York good,' she tries to prove him wrong and attempts to convince him to sign up but he rejects the idea. For her audition Rachel sings My Man. Before the performance Jesse asks her if she's singing this song about anyone in particular but she responds 'no,' however while she is singing Finn is shown, suggesting she was singing this song for him. Jesse is impressed by the song and that, along with the fact he wants to be her boyfriend again, tells her that her performance was simply brilliant. He tries to convince Mr. Schuester that choosing Rachel as their lead would be the only way for them to beat Vocal Adrenaline at Nationals. Rachel is touched by this. Kurt was also visibly emotional after Rachel's performance and remarks "She may be difficult but boy can she sing!" At the Funeral for Jean Sylvester, Rachel, along with the rest of the club, is found very touched by the ceremony. She later joins the rest of the New Directions to sing Pure Imagination. After the funeral Finn breaks up with Quinn because he is still in love with Rachel, he has that special connection "tether" with her that he doesn't have with Quinn. Later, Jesse goes to inform Rachel of her success and tells her that she means more than anything to him before kissing her. Unbeknownst to them, Finn walks in on them kissing holding a tulip; it seems that he was going to reveal his feelings to Rachel. In the end Rachel loses her spot as soloist when Will decides that they will all perform together as a group but she doesn't seem upset by this option.

File:Rachel in NY.jpg

New YorkEdit

Rachel is seen remarking "I made it" after New York City has been shown. She purchases tickets for Cats for New Directions but Cats has already finished and she says she should have been suspicious when the guy charged her credit card by swiping it through his butt crack. Later, New Directions are assigned to write two new original songs, but Puck and Quinn believe they should go outside and let New York write the songs for them. Around various sites in New York, New Directions sings I Love New York/New York, New York. Back at the rooms, the New Directions girls and Kurt are having a pillow fight while Rachel is writing an original song. She receives a text message from Finn, asking her to meet him in Central Park and to 'dress up.' They go to Sardi's "the birthplace of the Tony Award" and notice Patti LuPone is also there and about to leave. Rachel musters up the courage to talk to her "If not for me then for Kurt, he'd kill me if I didn't" and in doing so, receives praise from Patti as she was also in a show choir when she was in high school. She also makes Rachel promise her she will never give up, which Rachel does. She then makes a remark to Rachel, calling Finn 'cute.' As they walk back to the hotel, Rachel remarks that its almost like a movie, all that's missing is people singing a romantic love song. She and Finn walk past the New Directions boys and they follow them singing Bella Notte. Near the end, Finn tries to kiss Rachel, however, she tells him that she can't. She then walks away leaving Finn heartbroken.

The next morning, she is woken up by Kurt to go have "Breakfast at Tiffany's," then she and Kurt discuss their
File:Hummelberry - Epic Moment Wicked.gif
futures, Rachel wants to go to college in New York and Kurt wants to join her. Kurt reveals that Blaine would also join them. Rachel however is worried about Finn, but Kurt tells Rachel to bring him along too. Rachel isn't able to decide on what to do, follow her heart or her career. So Kurt pulls Rachel to the Gershwin theater where Wicked is playing. Together they sneak inside and perform 'For Good' from Wicked together. At Nationals, Rachel sees Sunshine in the bathroom after hearing her throwing up. Rachel comments on it but Sunshine reveals she's nervous and doesn't understand why Rachel is so mean to her when Sunshine thought that the Glee club is supposed to be a safe place and it seems that she's the one who's making Sunshine feeling unsafe there. Rachel reveals that she feels threatened by Sunshine's talent. Sunshine tells Rachel she wants to leave Vocal Adrenaline, that she wants her green card revoked and to return home. But Rachel tells her to perform since she has a gift. Sunshine wonders on Rachel's sudden change of heart. Rachel answered that girls like them should stick together. Then she and Finn perform Pretending. After their performance, Finn kisses her, and the audience is silent. She pulls away shocked and nervous before jumping back into their next song. They perform Light Up The World with the rest of New Directions. After their performance Rachel wonders with the rest of New Directions if they lost. They see the top ten for the final round and they place at 12th, and she, along with the rest of New Directions, are upset. When she goes back to Ohio, she finds Finn in the library, where they discuss about next year and her plans for college. Finn says that graduation is still a year away leading to a kiss and she agrees to be his girlfriend again.

Season ThreeEdit

The Purple Piano ProjectEdit

We first see Rachel doing vocal warm-ups with Kurt and explaining to Jacob what their plans are after they graduate; these involve going to New York and attending a performing arts school (preferably NYADA -New York Academy of Dramatic Arts), backing up the duo's plans from the episode New York. Rachel is seen entering hand in hand with Finn in the Choir Room with the rest of New Directions while Mr. Schuester as he explains his plans for recruiting new members: the purple pianos.

Kurt and Rachel go to Emma's office and explain to her their plans for the future. Emma informs them that Juilliard doesn't have a Musical Theatre department, offering them something closer to home like Kent State. Rachel refuses this option with the argument that 'No one ever became a star by playing it safe,' Emma then introduces the pair to NYADA -The New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts. After we learn of Quinn's new 'bad girl' look Rachel confronts her, pleading that they were once friends and that the Glee Club needs her back. In the cafeteria, Rachel is the one who encourages the other members of New Directions to stay true to Mr. Schuester's assignment and begins to sing We Got the Beat. Later, when Sugar Motta walks into the choir room Rachel appears to be slightly intimidated but that expression later turns into shock as she begins to sing. Rachel then convinces Will to not let her join the Glee Club because it would ruin their chances at Nationals.


Following on with their duets successes of all things Wizard of Oz, Rachel and Kurt perform Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead in the McKinley High auditorium, claiming that the other people hoping to get into NYADA don't stand a chance. When Kurt and Rachel attend the mixer for NYADA they are confronted by a group that act and dress in a way that is almost identical to them who are also extremely talented, causing them to come to the realization that even though they are hot stuff at McKinley, outside they aren't even "stuff."

This culminates in one of the most touching emotional scenes between the two divas where Rachel claims Kurt makes her want to be his boyfriend. Kurt also shows a vulnerable side to him with regards to his talent that he sees Rachel as "one of a kind, no one like you" - "you are fierce Rachel, you're ambition does push ups while you sleep" - "You're not giving up on this, cause I'm not gonna let you" Even with regards to himself, Kurt is not as certain. They offer each other encouragement and swear to never, ever give up on their dreams. Kurt and Rachel pinkie swear to each other and then do the "gay high five." Rachel then takes lead in You Can't Stop the Beat.

I Am UnicornEdit

Rachel voices her concern about the musical and Will brings in Emma and Coach Beiste who will direct the play in Will's place along with a student director; Artie. She then proceeds to practice for her audition before mother Shelby appears and suggests she audition with the most challenging song for Maria, Somewhere. Rachel practices the number alongside Shelby as the scene changes to Rachel's audition. Later, Rachel and Finn discuss the future of their lives as Rachel assists Finn with changing a tire, they then share a kiss.

Asian FEdit


Rachel goes up against Mercedes for the lead role of Maria in the school production of West Side Story. This begins when Emma, Coach Beiste, and Artie get her and Mercedes in for a call back audition because they couldn't decide between the two. Before her second audition, Finn gives Rachel a small pep talk. Emma tosses a coin to decide who auditions first. Rachel wins and decides for Mercedes go first. Both then perform Out Here On My Own. Afterwards, Finn tells her that she did amazing, however Rachel responds "She [Mercedes] was better than me."

Rachel decides to run against her best friend Kurt and Brittany for Senior Class President out of fear of losing her role to Mercedes and not having enough credits to get into NYADA. Kurt confronts her on this topic and the two are left in a rather tough situation. Later, Rachel and Mercedes are called back into Emma's office in order to find out which one of them landed the lead in the musical; it is revealed that the final decision was for the two to share the part, but after Mercedes complains about having to share the spotlight with Rachel and quits, Rachel is given the lead role of Maria by default. After, Finn meets Rachel at the lockers and she tells him how she got role but only because Mercedes quit, Finn urges her to drop running for Senior Class president against his brother. He also tells her that he's not sure who he'll vote for yet. She, along with the New Directions, performs Fix You with Mr Schuester leading.

Pot O' GoldEdit

In Pot O' Gold, Rachel is very upset that Sue cut the funding for her musical. She then performs Last Friday Night with the rest of New Directions with Blaine singing lead vocals. She is seen later sitting with Finn during new member Rory Flanagan's audition, calling him "magical."


The First TimeEdit

Finn invites Rachel over to his house, to make their relationship sexual, as he believes they are ready. She agrees, and after they have dinner, they begin to kiss in front of the fire. When Rachel says she wants to have sex with Finn, he asks her why, and she tells him that she needs to prepare for her role as the sexually awakened Maria in West Side Story. Finn walks out.

Rachel later calls an emergency meeting with the Glee girls to get advice about whether she should wait to sleep with Finn or not, in which she learns that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having sex with someone you truly love and if you would have no regrets. After their first performance of West Side Story Rachel goes over to Finn's house, to find that he is deeply upset about Cooter Menkins, the OSU football recruiter did not like him. Rachel comforts Finn, telling him that they can find new dreams together. She apologizes for what she did earlier, saying that she wanted to have sex with him for all the wrong reasons. However, she realized that she was ready to lose her virginity because she is in love with him, and they finally make love to each other. This finally makes their relationship sexual, and shows they love each other deeply.

File:Dodgeball Rachel.png

Mash OffEdit

Rachel is continuing her campaigning for Senior Class President, which still is upsetting Kurt, to the point where he refuses to talk to her. Knowing that her NYADA application is due very soon, she asks Shelby to sign a letter of recommendation that she already wrote for herself, to which Shelby agrees. Shelby tells Rachel that she is proud of her, and that she definitely has a good chance of getting into the school, because of all of her credits and impressive resume. Rachel then asks Shelby to write her own version of the letter of recommendation for her as well. After thinking about what Shelby said to her about having credits on her resume, Rachel decides to withdraw from the Class President elections. She apologizes to Kurt, telling him that she should have withdrawn as soon as she got the lead in the musical, and he forgives her, saying it was awfully difficult being mad at her. She pledges her vote to Kurt and promises that she will do whatever it takes so that he is elected.


I Kissed a GirlEdit

Rachel is worried for Kurt because Brittany is winning the race for Class President, and if Kurt doesn't win, he won't have that many big ticket items on his resume for NYADA. Kurt tells her that he sort of wished he could cheat and stuff the ballot box so that he could win, but he admits that it would go against his morals to do so. Putting her worries aside for a bit, Rachel defends Santana in the hallway along with all of the other girls, when someone is bullying her after the commercial that outed her ran. At the student elections, Rachel supports Kurt the best she can and tells him that he can still win. However, when Kurt wins the election by more votes than possible, Rachel reveals to Finn that she is responsible. He tells her that she has to step forward and come clean or else Kurt will be suspended. She realizes that it is only the right thing for her to do, so she tells the truth about stuffing the ballot box in Kurt's favor, and in turn she receives a suspension on her permanent record and she is banned from competing at Sectionals.

Hold on to SixteenEdit

Rachel comes to collects her books from her locker when she runs into Quinn. Quinn tells Rachel of her plan to get Shelby fired. Rachel says that even though what Puck and Shelby are doing is wrong, he is of age and what she will be doing if she gets her fired and they take Beth away which will be detrimental to the little girl's life. Rachel is upset when she watches with New Directions during Sectionals and is shocked to see Harmony as their competition. When Quinn leaves during the Troubletones performance, she reminds Quinn that revealing Shelby and Puck's relationship is going to hurt Beth, but it is also up to her whether she going to go through with it. Outside Principal Figgins' office, Quinn tells Rachel she didn't tell Figgins about Shelby and Puck and asks Rachel what she thinks about Yale, saying she can't sing like her or Kurt but wants to study Drama. Rachel offers her to help her with her application and she asks if they're friends to which Quinn replies, "Yeah, we kind of are."

File:Rachel and Blaine in EMC.jpg

Extraordinary Merry ChristmasEdit

Rachel gives Finn a list of fifteen things she wants for Christmas, telling him he only has to get her five of the things. As she walks off he says "I'm dating Kim Kardashian." She is extremely excited when Mr. Schue tells them they will be doing a Christmas Special and auditions with River. Artie isn't pleased with it finding it too depressing. She re-auditions in a duet with Blaine, Extraordinary Merry Christmaswhich Artie finds perfect for the show. She is disappointed with Finn's first gift, hinting that she wants earrings. When Finn gives her gifts again she is overwhelmed, accepting his first gift again, a deed to a star named Finn Hudson and earrings. She keeps the first two but she decides to sell them to give the money to charity. She is later seen in Artie's Christmas Special, along with her friends, where she takes part in the song My Favorite Things.


Rachel sings with the rest of New Directions in Summer Nights and is happy for Will when he announces he is going to propose to Emma. She sings The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face along with Mercedes, Tina, and Santana, and thinks of the first time she saw Finn while she sings and talks with Mercedes after she starts crying. She and the rest of New Directions give Artie a 'Beckyvention' because they don't want him to lead her on. Rachel, Kurt, and Finn go out for dinner and Rachel complains about how she won't get into NYADA. Finn starts to talk about his Dad, and Rachel sings Without You to Finn, after which they share a kiss. Rachel sings We Found Love with the rest of New Directions and the synchronized swimmers, and at the end of the episode, Finn proposes to Rachel.


Finn asks Rachel about her answer for his proposal. At first she says she doesn't know. She says that if she doesn't get into NYADA, she's still going to New York. Later, Rachel meets Quinn in the girl's bathroom, and Quinn shows Rachel her acceptance letter from Yale. When Quinn finishes singing Never Can Say Goodbye, Rachel doesn't hug Quinn like the others. Kurt shows Rachel his NYADA letter, but that makes her upset because she hasn't gotten one. She says she doesn't have any plans except NYADA, and all she has now is Finn. She cries and Kurt hugs her. After Santana tells the group about what Sebastian did to Blaine, Finn asks Rachel to stay in the choir room, and they sing I Just Can't Stop Loving You. She then tells Finn that she'll marry him. Later, she joins the rest of the group, singing Black or White for the Warblers.

The Spanish TeacherEdit

Rachel is with New Directions when Mr. Schue asks where the club thinks they will be in 2030, which both Rachel and Kurt reply, "Broadway." She then joins David Martinez and the rest of New Directions in Sexy and I Know It . Later, Rachel, Kurt, and Mercedes are watching Twilight at Rachel's house. There, she tells Mercedes and Kurt about her engagement to Finn. They both think that she is rushing things, but she says that Finn is one of her dreams. Later, Rachel is with New Directions during David Martinez and Will Schuester's Spanish performances.


Rachel learns how to play drum with Finn, and later when Mr. Schue asks if they want to serenade the classrooms with love songs, everyone say no, except Rachel. Later, Rachel gets a letter that says she must go to the auditorium to meet someone. When she comes, she meets Finn, who has received the same letter. They meet Rachel's dad, Hiram and LeRoy who claim to support their impending marriage. Later, she and Finn announce that they're engaged, some of the group seems happy, but the rest
seem to disagree. In the courtyard, The God Squad gives Rachel a singing telegram from Finn. At the Berry's, Rachel and her dads perform You're The Top to the Hudson-Hummels. Later, and Finn's and her parents agree that Finn can stay the night so they can get used to sleeping together. In her room, Rachel and Finn have a fight because Finn wants to use the bathroom but Rachel doesn't let him. Later, they lay in bed together, and then go to Breadstix for the party. Before that, they announce to Rachel's dads that they're going to marry in May, after Nationals.

On My WayEdit

Rachel first appears at the Lima Bean with Kurt when Sebastian approaches them and says that he had an engagement present for her. She opens the envelope, and there is an awful, nude photoshopped picture of Finn in it. She is disgusted, and Sebastian threatens to put the photo up online unless she drops out of Regionals. Rachel tells the club, and Finn is mad that she'd rather perform than not have the photo get up online of him. He walks out of the choir room, and she is guilty. The next day, they are seen talking at the lockers together and she tells Finn sorry, and that she wants to get married right now. They then plan their wedding to be at the court house and announce it to the Glee club, that even though not all of them are supportive of their decision, that they are all invited. Sebastian also tells her that day that he won't put the photo up online because of Dave's suicide attempt. She is then seen performing at Regionals, and celebrating with Finn and Quinn when they win first place. That afternoon, she is leaving school and sees Quinn back in her Cheerios uniform and tells her how good she looks, and asks her to be her bridesmaid, which Quinn accepts. Rachel is seen at the courthouse in her white dress, and refuses to get married until Quinn comes, which drives everyone else insane. She texts Quinn "HURRY UP! and WHERE ARE YOU??!!!" which Quinn receives while she is driving, and while texting Rachel back, "On my way," a truck hits Quinn leaving the cliffhanger of whether or not Rachel and Finn got married in this episode.
File:Rachell Heres to us.jpg

Big BrotherEdit

Rachel along with Finn are walking towards her locker when they run into Quinn to whom she is glad to see. After meeting up for a meeting for senior ditch day, Rachel breaks down in empathy to Quinn and regret that she is being stuck in a wheelchair. Rachel calms down after Quinn reassures her. After taking some masterclass with Cooper, she takes note of his acting advices and uses them in a little roleplay. Rachel, along with her other New Directions friends (excluding Quinn, Artie and Blaine) head to Six-flags for senior ditch day.

Rachel then meets Finn by the lockers and talks about her NYADA preparation while Finn suggests otherwise. She believes that her only path is NYADA and Broadway while Finn makes her decide whether if she loves him enough to give it up.

Saturday Night Glee-verEdit

Rachel makes up with Finn and sings How Deep Is Your Love to him. Realising the blind nature of her own ambition, she then helps him plan for college with Emma and Will during a counselling session and is shown to be highly optimistic and happy throughout, but he throws the brochures away the minute he leaves. Finn, after been lectured by Will, then sings More Than a Woman to her while they dance and tells her that he wants to go to New York with her, to which she reacts explosively .

Dance with SomebodyEdit

Rachel joins Mercedes, Santana, and Kurt to open the episode with How Will I Know. She and Mercedes argue over the original intended actress in The Bodyguard, Diana Ross or Barbra Streisand. Rachel claps and squeals in excitement when Mr. Schuester writes "Whitney" on the whiteboard. Rachel is excited to immediately begin practicing Whitney Houston's version of the Star Spangled Banner. Rachel approaches Kurt at his locker, telling him that after practicing the song all night, she can't get it. Kurt receives a text from Chandler, but Rachel assumes it's from Blaine. She says that Finn regularly sends her cutesie text messages, usually with puns about her boobs. Rachel questions the innocence of Kurt's texts and admonishes him.

Later, Santana and Rachel sing a fun rendition of So Emotional.
File:S3E17 So Emotional.jpg
Rachel joins the other girls in confronting Quinn that it seemed like she and Joe are more than just singing partners. Quinn denies it. Rachel shows up at Santana's locker which confuses Santana. Rachel tells Santana that they wasted three years as enemies when they could have been singing together. Santana says they hated each other, but then admits that their duet was awesome. Santana says there's plenty of time for another one, but Rachel points out they only have forty-two days until Graduation. Santana is annoyed when she realizes she's going to miss Rachel. Rachel says that even though Santana went out of her way to make her miserable, Santana still respected her talent and ambition. Santana agrees. Rachel asks Santana to put a picture of Rachel in her locker and then gives her a quick hug. Santana puts the photo up. Rachel and Finn show up to the optional Glee rehearsal and join in the performance of My Love Is Your Love with the rest of the group.


The episode begins with Rachel's inner monologue as she describes how she is a star, her various plans and efforts to stay healthy and fit for her NYADA audition (not touching door-knobs, not kissing, her hours spent praticicing her Oscar Award Acceptance Speech, etc.) and how she intends to shine so bright on the stage that "the sun will cry in envy." She is later shown running up to Kurt and instantly admonishing him for choosing Not the Boy Next Door over The Music of the Night. She reveals that will indeed be performing Don't Rain on My Parade for her own audition, since she's been belting it from the age of two, and convinces Kurt to play it safe while offering herself as the lead female role in his performance during his audition.

Later, just before their auditions, she reveals to Kurt that their examiner is none other than the Dean of NYADA, Carmen Tibideaux. As Kurt takes the stage, she watches anxiously as he changes his mind in front of Carmen and begins to perform Not the Boy Next Door. After the performance and Carmen compliments, she is seen in the audience with Blaine, Will and Finn clapping but looking worried for herself. Backstage she and Finn exchange a few words before Carmen calls her name. Stepping confidently on the stage, she begins to perform her song but forgets the lines. Embarrassed, she starts over but fails again. As she tries to start a third time, Carmen closes the audition, leaving Rachel crying in shock on the stage. A few days later, she and Kurt exchange words near her locker as she looks visibly traumatized and rebuffs Kurt's consolations, stating that she hasn't slept in two days and really needs to be alone. After Kurt hugs her sadly and walks away, she closes her locker and begins a heart-rendering performance of Cry, culminating in her standing grief-stricken on stage, her face covered in tears.


Rachel attempts to come to terms with choking her NYADA audition and the death of her lifelong dream. She takes down all of the photos on her Dream board. She tries to focus on her new smaller dreams: the wedding, winning Nationals, and Prom. She walks in on Becky practicing her wave for when she wins Prom Queen. When Rachel tries to keep her hopes realistic, Becky tells her, "Would you mind taking your loser talk somewhere else? I don't want to catch your failure."

Finn asks Rachel if she's bummed she didn't get nominated for Prom Queen. She says she wouldn't expect to be nominated, but Finn says he voted for her. She says she plans to spend the entire night dancing with Finn. Rachel sees a poster promoting "Finn and Quinn 4 King & Queen." She rushes to confront Finn about it, saying it was posted at eye level, so he clearly knew about it since Quinn can't reach that high. Finn says that when she approaches him with the crazy, that he can't handle it. Rachel says this is mad, not crazy. Finn justifies it saying that Quinn almost died coming to their wedding and he wanted to do her a favor. He accuses her of being selfish, but Rachel mentions she's having a bad week. She says she can't believe she's going to end high school as it began, with Finn and his pretty blonde cheerleader getting all of the attention. Rachel sings Big Girls Don't Cry, joined by Kurt and Blaine. When they all express their frustration about Prom, they make plans to host an Anti Prom Party. She tries to sell the idea to the rest of New Directions.

Rachel arrives at the hotel room for the anti prom with Kurt, Blaine, Puck, and Becky. She becomes a little annoyed at Becky's over-enthusiasm. Rachel suggests she could try on her prom dress to show everyone. Finn arrives at the Anti Prom Party just in time to see Rachel walk out in her prom dress. He tries to talk all of them into attending the prom. Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine all agree and leave the hotel and enter the prom together.

Rachel texts Quinn to meet her in the hallway. Rachel apologizes for being irrationally angry with her. Quinn forgives her since she didn't even know that was the case. Rachel tells Quinn how much she means to her. She still sees her as she was when they first met, but she has learned to become friends with Quinn. Rachel says she voted for Quinn for Prom Queen. In the official vote, Quinn beat Santana by one vote. Santana and Quinn talk it over before certifying their vote tallies and conspire to make a difference. After Finn is announced Prom King, Figgins says they have another unprecedented write-in winner. He announced Rachel as the Prom Queen, much to her surprise. Finn and Rachel share their official dance to Take My Breath Away as Finn reassures her that she is sexy, beautiful, and inspiring to everyone. Rachel says that if this can happen, maybe anything's possible.


File:Rachel i won't give up.jpg

The episode begins with Rachel singing I Won't Give Up. She is seen leaving her fourteenth message to Carmen Tibideaux. Then in the choir room she states she is singing It's All Coming Back To Me Now. After Tina storms out she goes after her saying that Nationals is very important to her and she has a hard life. During Tina's Dream, Tina turns into her and she turns into Tina. After the dream she is seen practicing. Tina see's her and offers to drive her to the place where Carmen is taking a master class. Rachel tells Tina she will be the lead vocalist of New Directions next year. When driving with Tina she is worried about what Carmen will say. Tina helps her gain her confidence. Then Tina asks Rachel is they can sing together, to which Rachel says yes. When they get to Carmen's lesson, she talks to her, but she is denied a chance. She is seen talking to Finn about how Glee is a group of different kids, who all came together and that's why she loves them. The episode ends with her singing What A Feeling with Tina.


Rachel first seen with the other New Directions members. In the midst of the chaotic situation, she says just because Mercedes is struggling with her food poisoning, they have are no reason to give up on performing at Nationals. Later, Rachel runs into Jesse outside the Chicago hall, who taunts her somehow, by knowing that she's scanning the arriving crowd for NYADA's dean, Carmen Tibideaux, in hopes that she'll get a second shot at getting into the arts college. She points out that they dated long enough to know that when Jesse gets nervous, he can get offensive and shudder. Jesse relents and admits that Vocal Adrenaline's loss at last year's Nationals broke their eight-year winning streak. Another loss would mean the end of the school's show choir dynasty and spark a reboot of the program. He's struggling with the new rules, but Rachel reminds him that his past performances (Bohemian Rhapsody) set the gold standard for show choirs for years.

As Rachel prepare her make up in the Backstage, Finn reveals to Rachel that he's bought a glass mug from Chicago for them to smash during the Jewish portion of their wedding ceremony - he wants it to symbolize the city where everything changed and New Directions went from losers to winners. Rachel takes center stage for her solo, belting out a powerful Ballads of Celine Dion's It's All Coming Back To Me Now. Rachel spots Tibideaux taking her seat in the audience halfway through the performance. Emboldened, she finishes strong with a smile on a face and the crowd in a frenzy. Rachel is also involved in solos numbers of Paradise By The Dashboard Light. While they are waiting for final result, Rachel look anxious as she holds Finn and Sam hands tightly and finally feels happy when New Direction is placed first at Nationals. When they return to McKinley, Rachel feels worried as she enters the school hallway and find herself surrounded by indifferent-looking fellow students. The hockey goons march toward them, slushie cups in their hands. Rachel and the glee kids brace themselves to be slushied, but instead the cups shower them with confetti. She and Finn kiss each other at the hallway during the performance of Tongue Tied (background music montage) After the unexpected celebration by the McKinley students, Rachel marches towards the Trophy case in the choir room with the Nationals Trophy in her hands as she places it there. At Principal Figgins office with Finn, they listen to Figgins request. He wants the Glee Club to perform for the "special event" at the teacher of the year ceremony. Rachel and Finn, as presenters, reveals Will as The Teacher of The Year. Rachel makes her speech about Will and after that, she and New Directions perform We Are The Champions.


Rachel and the other New Directions acknowledge the fact that graduation is near and soon, saying goodbye will have to happen. Mr. Schuester gives them their final assignment. Songs related to saying goodbye. Rachel and the other members of New Directions participate in the final choir room songs as they celebrate all the great times they had together. Later, Rachel and Finn are seen speaking to each other in a room about their wedding while they discuss graduation and New York.

File:Glee.S03E22.HDTV.x264-LOL 441.jpg
After, Rachel and the other seven seniors graduates from McKinley. She, Finn, and Kurt make a pact to open each of their acceptance letters at the same time. However, only Rachel gets accepted into her college of choice (NYADA). Because she would rather be in New York with her best gay and future husband, she decides to defer her acceptance into NYADA. Nearing the end of the episode, she packs her bag thinking she is about to get married to Finn, however Finn drives her to the train station. As Rachel sits in the car in confusion, she tells Finn that is isn't funny and they'll be late. But Finn explains the fact that he has cancelled the wedding and engagement and her dads will meet her in New York and he will be joining the army to redeem his father. At first, she is heartbroken. Rachel demanding that she will not go unless Finn goes with her, but after a Casablanca-style encouragement from Finn, she obliges and goes to the station with Finn as Roots Before Branches is sung by her and Finn. At the station, all of New Directions with Emma and Will bid Rachel farewell. After the train leaves the station, she looks out the window in tears and sees Finn chasing after her and everyone else disappearing from the corner of her eye. After she can't see them anymore, she continues singing, upset. She gets off Grand Central Station, and walks the streets of New York City, singing with her head held high. She walks through streets, crowds and across roads, and finally, Rachel finishes off the song as she walks with her pink suitcase, into a full crowd as the episode comes to an end. This is the last time Rachel is seen in Season Three.

Season FourEdit

The New RachelEdit

The episode opens with Rachel in a NYADA class. It shows other students and Cassandra July welcomes them and asks them to start dancing, since it is the class "Dance 101." Rachel looks slightly confused as she follows everyone, doing spins and twirls. Cassandra seems very critical and rude and she calls a girl "Muffintop" in front of everyone, including Rachel, who looks a bit worried. As Rachel walks past, she rolls her eyes and Cassandra stops everyone. "Did my conversation with Muffintop offend you?" she asks Rachel, with which Rachel quickly denies. When Rachel says she's from Ohio, Cassandra offends Ohio, making Rachel uncomfortable. "Did you come all the way to New York to teach my class?" Cassandra asks Rachel. "No, I came to learn." Rachel manages to whimper. Cassandra then tells everyone lessons and how pathetic their dancing is. She puts the music on and makes them dance, and continues to pick on Rachel, saying "Higher" until Rachel falls. Cassandra bends down as Rachel tells her she doesn't need her help, but Cassandra shakes her head saying, "No, I'm not here to help you. I'm here to give you a New York City welcome. You suck." Rachel, offended, sighs as the camera cuts to the Glee title card. Back at McKinley, Tina, Sam, Artie, Brittany, and Blaine are being interviewed by Jacob Ben Israel. When Jacob turns to Blaine, Artie, Brittany and Tina to ask who's the "new Rachel," the four of them says "I am." It then cuts to Rachel, watching Jacob's blog. Rachel says it's happy to know she's missed because growing up in New York can be lonely and she misses her friends, dads and Finn. She says she hasn't heard from him in two months and he must be giving her the space she needs to achieve her dreams. Rachel explains that her room-mate is nice, but she hasn't talked to her personally because she always has company and it shows that her room-mate and a boy is having sex, as Rachel covers her ears saying "she sounds nice," and she wishes Kurt got into NYADA with her. It then shows Rachel going to the bathroom, saying it does take some getting use to and she's tired of everyone's opinion about her extensive night time ritual, so she takes a 3am shower in the morning when no one is around. Rachel then raises her head as she hears someone showering and singing, Sister Christian. She seems very surprised and gripped by the performance. She takes a peek and sees a person showering and continually singing. Brody Weston then steps out naked as Rachel stares at him and they both hold a long stare. She smiles for a second and then hurriedly returns to the sink.

File:Glee.401.hdtv-lol 057.jpg
Brody comes over and asks if Rachel is a freshman, to which she replies yes and she is majoring in musical theater. Brody tells Rachel that he is too. Brody introduces himself to Rachel as a junior at NYADA. "It seems you survived your first class with Cassie, so you must be good." Brody says as Rachel fakes a smile and asks if she is always that awful to which Brody says she's tough. As Brody talks about it, Rachel then is surprised to know he's on Broadway. She ties her hair with a large grin, acknowledging that fact. Brody then also says that people give him a hard time on his "moisturizing ritual." It seems Rachel and Brody have a lot in common. He re-assures her and says that she's here cause she's the best of the best and tells her to start believing in it. She smiles back as Brody leaves the room and says "In case you're wondering, in which you were, I'm straight." He winks as he departs and leaves Rachel in a content state. The scene cuts to Rachel walking in New York as she's on a phone conversation with Kurt and they're talking about Brody. Kurt teases her and asks if she likes him but she replies saying she will always love Finn. Rachel and Kurt speak about how they miss each other like crazy and Kurt asks "Is that why you're calling me every three hours?" to which Rachel says she's checking if he's OK. The scene shows Kurt walking through the halls of McKinley when Rachel asks where he is at the moment. Kurt then walks to Sue's office, where she carries her baby, Robin. In the choir room, Will welcomes to glee club and the MVP of last year's Nationals Championships, Wade Adams. Blaine gives a blatant look and says that they don't need another contender for the new Rachel of the club, to which Will questions. Tina says that in every glee club, there is a star performer, and since Rachel was the star performer and they've lost her, they need a replacement, and the competition for that is definitely fierce. Will says they don't win as stars but they win as a team and they should support new members. He says he doesn't want to hear about this "new Rachel" stuff. Wade "Unique" Adams, sits next to Blaine and says that Unique will be the new Rachel. At 5, in the auditorium, Blaine, Brittany, Wade, Tina and Artie gather on the stage as they are ready to perform to see who the new Rachel/the new lead soloist is. Tina hopes it's her because that was what Rachel wanted. Tina also says that they'll be singing what Rachel would sing, "the song of the summer," Call Me Maybe. Rachel is later seen practicing in the dance class with Cassandra coming in, calling her Little Miss David Schwimmer again and asking if she's continuing her failure. Rachel replies that she's practicing again, as she had a rough week. Cassandra picks on her and says that she better decide what she's feeling, because a lot of people at NYADA will do anything to make it into the business.  Rachel then asks furiously, "Why are you picking on me?" and Cassandra annoyingly says "I'm not! I'm motivating you!" Rachel then points out that she can smell alcohol on her breath to which Cassandra denies, saying it's Listerine. Everyone watches her as she says "I may not be much of a wide-eyed ing é nue anymore, but I can still dance circles around anyone of you. MUSIC!" Cassandra and a few other NYADA students begin to perform Americano/Dance Again. Rachel watches the performance, shocked and utterly destroyed by Cassandra's seriousness and she also seems very offended. "You're not just on my list, Schwimmer, you ARE my list. Class dismissed!" Cassandra says as she concludes her performance. Rachel turns around, stunned.
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After Never Say Never, it returns back to NYADA where Carmen Tibideaux introduces everyone to the Round Room of NYADA. Rachel and Brody are seated next to each other, Rachel particularly excited. Miss Tibideaux explains that the room is round and there's no where to hide, and she talks about how everyone will perform publicly twice, in the room in this episode and also at the end of the semester, the Winter Showcase, which Brody whispers quietly to Rachel that it's also known as the "freshmen reaping," a reference to The Hunger Games. Carmen then welcomes a student to sing. Rachel watches intently but Carmen quickly stops the student. Carmen says she thinks the student needs to practice a little bit more and re-apply in December leaving the student upset. Rachel worriedly asks Brody, "Did she just get cut?" and Brody says that it happens, when Carmen suddenly calls Rachel's name. Rachel quietly walks to the performing area with determination as Carmen says, "Impress me," and Brody nods his head with agreement. Rachel looks a bit shaken but says her name and says she will be performing New York State of Mind. The scene then cuts to Marley, who is auditioning for New Directions at McKinley and is singing the same song. The scenes cut from NYADA and McKinley, showing Marley and Rachel singing it. Rachel starts off, and it seems to impress a few people in the room and it continues to cut to Marley and back to Rachel, Will and Artie impressed by Marley's performance, while the others are stunned and jealous. Rachel and Marley then finish off with a stunning, high note. Later it is revealed that Blaine is the new Rachel. When Marley gets into Glee Club and she and her mum talks about it, her mum mentions Rachel and how Rachel got into Broadway but Marley doesn't want to go Broadway.

Back at New York, Rachel is on her iPhone as she zooms in on a picture of Finn playing the drums. Brody appears behind her and asks if that's her boyfriend and she introduces him to Finn who is currently in the army. Brody then says that he had a girlfriend when he started NYADA and that they lasted for six weeks and Rachel says that it won't happen to her and Finn and she won't turn her back on Finn but Brody says, "Nobody says you should." Brody then moves on and tells Rachel she killed her solo in Tibideaux's class and compliments her. But Rachel says while she was singing that song, she never felt amazingly wrong as she felt here. Especially the fact that she's all alone and she feels like she'll throw up all the time. Brody tells her not to worry because the reason she came to New York was cause she's changed into this new person and to be that new and improved Rachel. Brody then takes her phone and Rachel poses as they take a picture and Brody says they both look good. "Don't fight the new you, because from what I've seen, she is gonna kick some serious tail," Brody says to her. He tells her to start adding new memories to the old ones. He then offers to walk her to class. The scene cuts to Cassandra continually yelling at her Dance 101 class, telling them they should be dancing at Black Swan level's of psychosis. She asks Rachel to give her best spin, which Rachel does, and she asks her to do it again but more centered, and Cassandra said it's better, "slightly." Cassandra asks if Rachel will roll her eyes again to which Rachel says she won't and she will keep trying until she's best for Cassandra. Cassandra calls her mouthy and says she has guts. Cassandra goes on to say that she likes students with such spirits because it will be fun for her to make her every living day, hell on earth. She then walks away saying it's so boring.
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Back at McKinley when New Directions is having rehearsals with Marley singing Chasing Pavements, Rachel is seen in New York, sadly going through the pictures of Finn. During the performance, it continually shows Rachel looking and clutching her phone while watching people holding hands and in love, reminding her of Finn. Later, she is seen on a phone call with Kurt, in tears as she says "I lied, I'm not OK. I miss you and I miss everyone! My dance teacher is a monster and I can't go to my dorm room cause my room-mate is sleeping with the entire school." Kurt then says, "Maybe you should move out and find a new room-mate." Rachel scoffs, "Yeah.." Kurt then tells Rachel to turn around, and as she peeks through the fountain, she is able to see Kurt. They run to each other and hug and laugh, just as the episode concludes with Marley finishing off her solo with New Directions.

Britney 2.0Edit

At the beginning of Britney 2.0, Brittany, thinking she has a voiceover, talks about her popularity. While she speaks, she does say she's the "vice Rachel" of the Glee Club. Rachel is first seen in this episode, in a NYADA class with Miss July. Cassandra is teaching them the tango. Cassandra says the first thing they have to understand is, the tango is all about sex. She points the stick at Rachel quickly and tells everyone to partner up. Rachel optimistically looks at a boy next to her, but he quickly moves away before Rachel has a chance to be his partner. Rachel is all alone with no partner for the tango. She looks at Cassandra confusingly as Cassandra says "Now you Schwimmer, keep practicing those jazz hands for me back in the corner." Rachel quickly says that if she's ever going to play Evita, she's going to have to learn how to tango. Cassandra then says that she can't because the class is short of boys and a girl needs to sit out. She adds that Rachel hasn't got enough sex appeal to pull of a creditable tango because Rachel is awkward and tentative with her body and that Rachel moves like she's ashamed of it. As Cassandra goes back to the class, Rachel looks offended.

File:Glee.S04E02.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 112.jpg
Later Rachel and Kurt are seen in their New York apartment, riding their bicycles around. Rachel squeals in excitement saying "THIS PLACE IS ENORMOUS!" Rachel and Kurt talk about it a bit, Rachel saying it's much better living with Kurt than living in a dorm with her roommate. The scene then fades to night, Rachel and Kurt, sitting down and eating pizza. "New York Dominoes is so much better than Lima Dominoes" Rachel says. Rachel then asks Kurt if he has heard from Finn. Kurt explains that Rachel should stop worrying, because Finn loves her and gave her the space. Kurt then goes on to talk about how back at McKinley, they're doing Britney Spears again, to which Rachel says she hasn't seen Finn for a while in the choir room. Kurt then says "Anyways" and goes on to talk about his plan to re-audition for NYADA in the second semester, he also says he'll find a job for the mean time at Rachel listens intently, as Kurt says he needs to release some of this "new-found resilience." Rachel says she'll need that too because her dance teacher, Cassandra July, is a monster, saying that Rachel isn't sexy enough. "Cassie July is your dance teacher?!" Kurt asks. Rachel nods and rolls her eyes. "The Cassie July? Aka The Crazy July? Aka, The Biggest Broadway Trainwreck in history?!" Kurt goes on. Rachel looks confused, asking "what?" Kurt explains that Cassandra was the it girl ten years ago on Broadway. It cuts to a scene where a YouTube video is shown of Cassandra, on Broadway, but when a man in the audience's cellphone rings, Cassandra stops the show and says she won't continue till the phone stops ringing. Then Cassandra goes down to the old man, grabs his phone and throws it, hits it with a cane, and Cassandra's Broadway job is over. The scene goes back to Rachel, "No wonder she's just always so angry." Kurt says that she can't give in to Miss July, for if Miss July wants sexy, Rachel MUST give her sexy. The camera zooms in as Rachel gives a large grin. After Womanizer, Brody does sit-ups on a bench in New York. Rachel sees him and greets him. She laughs as he does his final sit up and gets up to see her, saying he misses seeing her in the showers. Rachel wants a favor from him, and she explains that "Cassie" said she wasn't sexy enough, which Brody quickly interrupts, saying that she is. Rachel denies and continues, saying that she would love it if Brody dances with her, cause there aren't many guys in her class. Brody then explains that Cassandra wouldn't let any Upperclassmen perform in her class. Rachel then looks a bit upset, saying "Got it, sorry." Brody then sees her disappointment and continues on saying, "Which is would be so much fun to do it." Rachel smiles at him. Rachel comes to class late later, dressed up in stripped down clothes. Cassandra explains that she is late and dressed up like a wild, green underwear model. Brody accompanies her as Cassandra asks why Brody is here. Rachel explains the situation. Rachel says the only reason why she is dressed up like that is because she
wanted to show Cassandra how sexy she actually is to play Evita, Roxy and Charity. Cassandra asks Rachel to show her what she prepared. Cassandra sits down, looking unsatisfied, but watches anyways. Rachel and the NYADA students including Brody begin to perform Oops!... I Did It Again, Rachel singing the solo while the others dance. A lot of sexy moves are included, tables used too. Cassandra continually watches unimpressed and a bit jealous. At the end of the performance, Rachel asks what Cassandra thinks and if she's ready to learn the tango. Cassandra sharply replies, "Yeah, you can memorize the routine, so what?" Brody then speaks up for Rachel, saying Rachel was incredible. Cassandra says that Brody was incredible, Rachel was instead, "okay." She says that the song was garbage and asks who idea it was to perform it. When Cassandra tells Rachel the levels that are appropriate for Rachel's sex appeal, Rachel bursts out. "You're just jealous of me! Of all of us!" Brody tries to stop her, but Rachel continues her rant. "No, because we have our entire careers ahead of us, and yours ended before it even began, we're the future, and you're just some YouTube joke!" Rachel says without stopping. Cassandra is speechless at this point, her devilish smile, wiped from her face. "You're done. Get out of my class. GET OUT OF MY CLASS. OUT!" Rachel, shocked, storms out, Brody following her. Cassandra is seen practicing some dance moves at NYADA in front of a mirror when she sees Rachel behind her. Cassandra says "I'm working." Rachel apologizes for all the things she had said to Miss July for they were completely wrong and out of line. Rachel says she felt like Cassandra was picking on her for no reason. Cassandra tells Rachel to stop talking. "Look. You lost it and you lashed out. Same as I did ten years ago. Except, all it took for you to snap was a little honest feedback and excuse me, dance class. And you expect to make it on Broadway? Where all there is is scrutiny and judgement? And what if someone taped you a little earlier? And posted it on the internet? You'd never get cast...You have one chance... You screw it up... You're done...You're that crazy actress...And why would anybody want to work with you?" Cassandra says while she moves. Rachel looks disappointed and regretful as Cassandra lecturers her. Rachel says Miss July was good and Cassandra said that she was great and asks Rachel to come closer. "But it doesn't make a difference, cause I wasn't ready for the pressure. Believe me.. It's a WHOLE lot more vicious out there than it is in here, that's why I pick on my students. I want them to be ready..." Cassandra says. While she says this, Rachel assists her as she does a few stretches. Cassandra says Rachel is not ready yet and if she had a choice, Cassandra wouldn't let Rachel back in class because she doesn't believe in second chances and she knows they don't exist. Unfortunately for Cassandra, the school policy said that Rachel gets a warning. Rachel gives an expression of relief. "So you're in an on probation and dance duty. Hand wash all of them." Cassandra tells Rachel. Rachel nods, as she is dismissed, Cassandra calling her "Schwimmer" again and telling Rachel not to forget the hamper on the way out.
File:Glee.S04E02.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 437.jpg
Later in Rachel and Kurt's apartment, Rachel stares at her wall with a sodden expression. She painted Finn's name and a green and yellow love heart around it and asks Kurt what he thinks. "Am I being too obvious?" Rachel asks with a smile. Kurt explains once again, that Finn hasn't called her cause he loves her, not because he has forgotten about her. "Your freedom is the gift his given you. Accept it!" Kurt says. Rachel says it's so much freedom all at once that it feels like severe loneliness. Kurt then gives in to a grin saying that the only cure to loneliness is cake and that there's a great Italian bakery down the street. Rachel gives a squeal and says only if Kurt doesn't mind going out at night. The door then knocks as Kurt answers, and Brody stands with some orchards. Kurt then quickly tells him that he was going to go get cake and leaves Rachel and Brody alone. Brody examines the area and says it's huge. He specifically sees the "Finn" with hearts around it. He says it tookfourty-five minutes for him to get here which surprises Rachel, as he took that long just to see her. Brody hands the orchard, saying it is good luck in a new place and the orchards are kind of sexy. Before Rachel sends him out, he tells her something that he didn't feel appropriate saying over text. "That I... I really liked dancing with you. And I think that you're... I think that you're really sexy...And..." Brody says as he leans in to kiss Rachel. Rachel pulls away though, saying she can't. "I think you are amazing and..and..very, VERY, very sexy. It's just.." Rachel replies. Brody then points at the painting Rachel did and murmurs "But you're still in love with your boyfriend...." Brody then explains he will respect Rachel's boundaries but he says she should know that when they're together, whatever they're talking about and whatever they're doing, he's thinking about kissing her. He tells her to enjoy the orchard as he leaves. During Everytime, Rachel is seen in the NYADA dance class, Cassandra telling a boy to dance with Rachel. Brody watches her from the outside of class. He smiles but his disappointment is clear in his eyes. Back at Rachel's apartment, she looks at her wall where Finn's name is painted. She grabs a paint brush and paints over it while Kurt watches as the episode ends when the camera goes to the orchard that Brody gave Rachel.


Rachel is first seen in the episode as she walks with Kurt down a New York street. Rachel discusses about students in her class and how she tried to approach them nicely but they were incredibly rude. One of them insults Rachel about her outfit and the other one which Rachel nicknames "Black Swan" mocks Rachel. The scene then cuts to Rachel and Kurt in their apartment as they eat Pizza and drink. Rachel says she was excited to come to New York cause she thought it was a chance for her to start over, but instead she had no idea it would be exactly the same. Kurt comments that she's only exactly the same cause she's still dressing exactly the same. "We're not in Ohio anymore, Rachel," Kurt says. "And even then, it was not like we were on a trend. I hate to say this but life is like high school." Rachel then says she doesn't know what Kurt expects her to do because it's not like she can afford an entire wardrobe. Kurt then looks down and says "Who says you'll have to pay for it?" Rachel looks up a bit confused, Kurt asking her to follow him as he has an "idea." Rachel then states that it's almost midnight. Kurt smiles cheekily and says, "I am going to change your life. And maybe a bit of mine too." Rachel, still confused, looks at Kurt. Afterwards, a camera is seen watching Kurt and Rachel at's HQ. Rachel is so excited she wants Kurt to snap a picture of her. Rachel prances around as she squeals with Kurt. Kurt uses a card to open a door as they both step through. Lights open around the room, revealing many clothes. Rachel is in awe, Kurt surprised. "I can't even breathe," she says. Kurt then explains that it's a famous vault. All of a sudden, from the back, "FREEZE." The voice is familiar, but not to Rachel as she turns around quickly. Isabelle and two bodyguards are there as Isabelle whispers in shock, "Kurt..!?" Kurt questions that he thought Isabelle was out but she explains they cancelled that. "What are you doing there and who is that?" Isabelle asks Kurt as she points to Rachel. Rachel introduces herself really quickly as Kurt says they were going to do a music video for the Vogue website. Rachel chimes in saying that Kurt adores Isabelle as Isabelle watches them both. Kurt says they'll do a makeover and Rachel will be the model. Isabelle then smiles and stops them saying, "You had me at makeover!" The two guards then walk away as Isabelle shuts the door and the music to The Way You Look Tonight/You're Never Fully DressedAfter Kurt and Rachel breaks into Vogue, Isabelle catches the two with bodyguards behind her. Kurt quickly explains that his preparing a video with Rachel as a model and his planning on making over Rachel. Isabelle then says "You had me at makeover" and the song begins. Isabelle smiles as the camera goes on and she starts singing. She holds a cane as Rachel and Kurt watch with pure excitement. Isabelle throws the cane towards Kurt as he catches it. Isabelle goes around as she grabs various clothes and dresses for Rachel. Rachel then sits down on a chair in front of a mirror as Kurt and Isabelle begin to give her a makeover. Kurt and Isabelle continually grab clothes and they express their opinions with their facial expressions. Rachel then gets up and sings along with them. As Rachel goes through a dressing set, she is seen in a beautiful lavender dress, Kurt and Isabelle admiring it. Then in a white, fluffy dress and finally, in a final turn, Rachel is in a black, sequined dress. Kurt's clothes are seen to be changed too. Rachel is placed on a chair towards the ending of the song, as she watches Kurt and Isabelle dance playfully and then Isabelle too. At the end of the performance, Rachel is in a large, brown dress as she does another turn and is seen in makeup, different hairstyle and dressed up. The camera is then turned off. When Kurt and Blaine Skype, it seems Kurt has shown Blaine the video, and Blaine comments that Rachel looks so gorgeous and the makeover was splendid and professional. As Blaine shows the bow ties he wants to wear the senior class presidential debate, Kurt says he'll look gorgeous in any and Rachel is heard in the background as she says hi to Blaine. Later Rachel is seen stretching in the NYADA classroom as Brody greets her. Brody compliments her saying that she looks incredible, it seems her makeover was good after all. "They say you haven't settled into New York City until you've had your first Makeover" Brody says to Rachel, who laughs. Brody says his makeover is in six months to which Rachel laughs and says like he needs a makeover because every girl in the school wants to date him. He nods and says "True." They chat about makeovers and changes, especially how makeovers can impact on their lives. Rachel likes what Brody says until Brody says "I like you..." and Rachel smiles shyly. He asks what she is working on as she walks over to the piano, over-looking scripts. Rachel says it's a new number. She shows the sheets to Brody and he says that he loves that song. Rachel asks if he wants to sing it with her. She places the disc into the drive and the music to A Change Would Do You Good starts. Rachel starts off the song as she points her finger, begging for Brody to come along. They sing together and dance in the room with sexy moves. Brody then sings along as he pulls Rachel and they run out of a building to the New York City streets. Brody holds Rachel's hand as they run along, dancing and singing. They playfully jump and laugh together, Rachel running away from Brody as he catches her. Later they hand a phone to an old man who snaps a shot of them as they pose. At the NYADA classroom, together they dance quickly and it goes back to New York as Brody hands an ice cream to Rachel. They laugh as they eat it and Rachel continually snaps pictures of Brody with her iPhone. She and Brody are then sitting down in front of a building as they drink and read a newspaper. They hold hands once again as they stroll through New York and the songs ends in the NYADA classroom as Brody holds Rachel against his body. The two are about to kiss when Brody says "that was amazing" and brings her back up. Rachel then questions what Brody is doing tomorrow night for Rachel wants to cook him dinner. At the end of the episode, Rachel is preparing herself in front of a mirror in Kurt and her New York City apartment. She looks at the clothes on her bed and the scene cuts to her looking at a cookbook as she begins to prepare her food. As she cooks, she turns up the heat on the stove but suddenly her pan goes alight with fire and she screams. She throws water but the fire only spreads further. She then gets alcohol and then pours it all over the fire and she groans, upset that she has failed a recipe. The door is knocked and Brody shows up with flowers for Rachel. He compliments her again on her clothing choice. "You're smoking," he says. She says, "It's actually the duck," referring to the food she just destroyed. Rachel and Brody are then sitting on the floor and she says that she really wanted to cook him dinner but she points to the food saying that's what she got out of it, having to buy Pizza instead. Brody and her laugh and chat as Brody comments how a girl has never cooked him dinner before, Rachel saying she doesn't believe him. Rachel then says, she's trying new things and these new things are all part of her "new me" and so Rachel likes it. They talk and Brody asks Rachel to talk about this old Rachel and a secret that she doesn't want anyone else to know, Rachel agrees to do so but says Brody should go first and the secret should be good. Brody then says that as a kid, he was obsessed with Ace of Base to which Rachel laughs. "Wait, I thought you said you were straight." Rachel says as they laugh. He pours beer into her glass as he asks what Rachel's secret is. "When I was eight years old, I got my first love letter from a guy named Tony and he was very cute and when he gave it to me, I corrected all the grammatical errors and spelling errors and that I'd give it back to him" Rachel reveals as Brody laughs. She says it's embarrassing and that she never told anyone that before, not even Finn. Brody says that no matter how lovely this date is, he's hands off, just friends. They both stare at each other, but even with Brody's comment, they kiss multiple times as Brody goes on top of Rachel. The door then knocks and Brody groans. Rachel laughs and lets go, saying that it must be Kurt because Kurt keeps forgetting his keys. Rachel gets up to answer the door and Finn stands there with a large grin. Rachel all smiling, her expression goes down to befuddlement. Behind her, Brody gets up to see what all the fuss is about as Finn looks at Brody and looks back at Rachel, eyes full of hurt as the episode ends.

The Break-UpEdit

Rachel is first seen in The Break-Up, getting out of her bedroom to see a fully-awake Kurt cooking eggs. She greets Kurt with a tired voice. "Somebody slept late..." Kurt replies back, telling her it's lunch time too. Rachel ties her gown and tells Kurt that she didn't go to bed till late. "Thank God for ear plugs... I love you both, but I didn't want to hear any of that..." Kurt says, assuming they had sex. But instead, he gets another reply. "We didn't do anything...He didn't even talk to me... We just like... laid there..." Rachel admits. Kurt looks a bit worried as Finn walks out of the bedroom around the corner. Kurt sees him and quickly finds a way to get out and leave Finn and Rachel alone. I'm gonna take this to the park and watch drug deals go down!" Kurt exclaims, greeting Finn. "It's good to see you too, little brother," Finn says with a grin. Rachel pulls out loaves of bread and asks if Finn is hungry, if she can make him some eggs. Finn says yes and thanks her as he takes a look at her and Kurt's large apartment and compliments her on the decoration and the finding of the apartment. "It's not an ideal... neighborhood, but at least we can.. sort of see Manhattan," Rachel says, pointing towards the curtains. She stares down but in seconds, she turns around, can't taking it anymore. "I can't do this Finn...I can't understand, I don't know what's going on. Why are you here and why aren't you in your uniform..?" she asks. "Because I'm not in the army," Finn replies back. Finn admits that he WAS in the army for sixteen days. The scene then flashes back to Finn in the army, being yelled at and trying to prepare a gun, but instead, shooting himself in the thigh. Finn was then sent out of the army and he explains it to Rachel, who looks

File:Finchel kiss the break up.gif
worried as she watches him take a seat. He apologizes for not calling her but it was because he was so embarrassed. "I mean I left with so much.. certainty a-and... confidence...I was gonna redeem my dad and make you proud...I couldn't face you seeing me as a Lima loser," Finn says. But Rachel cuts him, saying enough is enough. She says that, so what, the army didn't work out and plans change. She explains that he's here now, with her in the greatest city in the whole world, and it's a better place to help Finn find himself a new dream. Finn questions her, "like what?" She walks towards him, saying he applied to PACE before joining the army, to be an actor, which was obviously not the right school for him, but maybe NYADA is the right school for him. She suddenly says with a tone of optimism and says that he should attend all her NYADA classes this week and if he loves it there, he can move in here. She promises that she'll stay the whole year in New York with him, trying to find a way to bring him in. He asks if she's serious, with a cute grin, and she sits on top of him. "I love it here, but something here has always been missing...I let you go once and...and I'm not gonna let it happen again." They give each other glances and for the first time since Goodbye, they share a kiss. After a small phone call between Kurt and Blaine, Rachel is seen doing activities in a NYADA class as Finn watches at the back. Finn comments on her actions, calling her amazing and never so alive as this before. Finn talks about how Rachel has found the place where she belongs and where she is able to thrive, but Finn wishes he could find a place too cause he definitely doesn't belong at NYADA. He says he'll never get into NYADA and what will he do in New York (run a Hot Cart outside Madison Square Garden?) He shakes his head. He comments on how he used to be the man of Rachel's dreams but now they're not even in the same world. The camera zooms from Rachel doing stretches as the music to Barely Breathing begins. Blaine and Finn duet have their own relationship problems, and in this case, as Finn sings, he watches Rachel participate in NYADA classes, dance, talk, stretch and kiss him before she goes to class. She's seen dancing with her fellow NYADA classmates, curling her hair as she laughs and Finn sits at the back, squinting and befuzzled. At the end of the performance, Finn looks dazed but Rachel laughs, runs towards him and hugs him. Later, Finn and Rachel and Kurt are back at their apartment. Finn exclaims that he won't wear a suit at a night out in New York City, Rachel laughing as she looks at Kurt. Kurt says he should wear gagged jeans and rugby shirts to "Callbacks." Finn asks what's "Callbacks" to which Rachel chimes in. "This amazing bar that all the NYADA students go to and Friday nights are the best because everybody gets up and sings and we're going tonight and it's gonna be great!" she says with much happiness, clapping too. Finn looks a bit confused again and offended at the same time. Finn continually asks if he has to dress up to go to a karaoke bar and Kurt tells him that he should, especially when he sings "Don't Stop Believing" or something "equally uplifting." Finn hesitates, saying he is so out of practice and he hasn't sang in the shower since Nationals. Rachel's grin turns into a frown as she watches him lie his head upon the couch. At that moment, the door knocks, revealing it to be Blaine. Kurt is confused as Blaine should be here in two weeks, but Blaine just missed Kurt, making it a sweet reunion. Rachel and Finn hug Blaine too, Rachel laughing and grinning. "Guys, FANTASTIC! We're all together.. HERE! Just like the good ol' days!" Rachel squeals excitedly as she looks at each of them, eyes full of happiness. At Callbacks, Finn and Rachel are seen ordering their drinks. They give each other a loving stare before Brody interrupts, greeting Finn and Rachel. Finn shakes his hand and says "Brody, good to see you again man!" Rachel watching enthusiastically. Brody nods and agrees, but Finn knows something is up, especially with what happened at the ending of the last episode...Brody asks how everything with Finn and Rachel is going so far, Rachel explaining about Finn's full NYADA class experience together. She leans in as Finn shakes her. Brody suggests Finn sing at Callbacks. "You haven't really been to NYADA until you've sung at Callbacks." Rachel, with puppy eyes, tells Brody that she's been begging Finn to sing Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovato, but Finn says he isn't a student. Brody says that since Finn is with Rachel, it makes him honorary, and Brody is buddies with Pasco, the piano man. Rachel chimes in, saying the song works better as a duet. But Finn breaks in with all the conversation and suggests that maybe Brody and Rachel should sing it together. "It's a NYADA tradition, right? You guys are both NYADA students!" Finn says. There's almost a tone of sarcasm and jealousy in his voice as he says it, making Rachel go, "Finn..." Brody then says, "Yeah, alright, let's do it," agreeing with Finn. Rachel's head goes up and she smiles as she stares at Finn. "I love you!" Rachel says, kissing Finn once more. He then lets her go to sing. At the stage, Rachel is heard saying, "I'm so nervous, it's my offline Broadway debut!" Brody reassures her that he has her back. The piano starts playing as Rachel sings the first few lines of Give Your Heart a Break. Finn watches as he walks and sits over, near Blaine and Kurt. He can see Rachel's eyes, filled with happiness and 
File:300px-Give your heart a break brochel.JPG
laughter as she duets with Brody. Finn looks away, looking upset and hurt, but stays and listens to the lyrics. Rachel and Brody stand and sing the song, holding microphones. She constantly gives large smiles, staring at the audience and at Brody. There is chemistry and history between the two that even Finn can catch and it even looks as if the lyrics are directed at Finn, as he slowly takes it in. After the duet, Rachel runs from the stage as applause rings through the room. She excitedly tells Finn, Blaine and Kurt that it's amazing up there and they should do a Sweeney Todd mega medley. Kurt disagrees but Blaine wants to sing. Brody nudges Blaine to just go to tell Pasco (also nicknamed Pascell). As Blaine gets off his chair, Rachel is seen asking Finn if she was good, to which he says yes and she squeals, hugging him tightly. Blaine dedicates the song to Kurt, his first song he sung when he met Kurt. Rachel grins at the dedication and looks over at Kurt. Blaine plays the piano and sings an emotionally covered and acoustic version of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. During the solo, Finn and Rachel are seen, closely packed, Finn taking in more lyrics as hugs Rachel tightly. Rachel smiles, but Finn still has that confused and thoughtful expression. Rachel is seen, watching Blaine closely as Blaine sings his heart out. After the performance, Finn, Rachel, Kurt and Blaine are walking down a New York City park lane. Blaine and Kurt facing their own relationship problems as Finn and Rachel's begins to be tested. "So, you and your friend sounded great together," Finn compliments Rachel. "I wish you had gotten up there and sang with me!" Rachel says, still having that happy glow upon her face. But Finn says he doesn't fit in here because New York is just too big and the transition is just too fast and there are plenty of people here that are more talented. But Rachel disagrees, saying she felt that way when she first moved here, alone. After a scene with Blaine and Kurt, Finn asks if Rachel's sure that him and that Brody guy are just friends. Rachel says, "I-I told you-" But Finn cuts her off. The smiley grin is wiped off her face now. "P-please, don't lie to me," Finn says in a harsh tone. Rachel then slips and admits it. "I-I.. I couldn't get in touch with you okay? I-I...well, you weren't answering my calls or my text messages...I didn't know where you were! How would I know if you were okay?" Rachel says quickly. But that doesn't even bother Finn. "So you were with him..?" Finn says hurt and disappointed. Rachel admits that she kissed him and that was it. Finn shakes the image out of his head. Rachel tries to talk to him but Finn just can't take it anymore. Finn said that he can't believe he said that, and that he was so stupid. After Blaine reveals and admits something, it leaves both Kurt and Blaine in tears, then Finn begins singing Don't Speak. Rachel watches Finn walk away as Blaine begins to sing, watching Kurt walk away. Rachel stands behind, distraught. Then after Blaine sings, Rachel and Kurt walk together, singing their lines as the pairs follow each
other. As Finn stands near a fountain, Rachel walks towards him. But when Finn turns, he faces her once again, walking away, disappointed. Blaine and Kurt sing near the fountain together too, before Kurt leaves, Blaine and Rachel left at the fountain. The scene cuts as Finn and Kurt sing at their New York City apartment. Rachel and Blaine join them later. The four sing, all four of them, upset, guilty, sad, angry and distraught altogether. At the end, the couples face away from each other as they lay in bed, turning off the lights without speaking to each other before bed, just as the songs title says, "Don't Speak." Rachel has tears running down her eyes and interestingly still seems to be wearing make-up, not following her usual intricate face washing routine, as she is the last one to close the lamp near her. In the morning after a dramatic night, Finn is seen leaving, Kurt catching him. Kurt tells him that he can't just run away. Finn says he'll talk to Rachel about it later as he has to get away for a bit. Finn saying he misses high school a bit sometimes, hinting that he may be going somewhere familiar. He asks Kurt to hug him before he leaves. They share a hug and he takes a few steps towards the door when Kurt asks him whether Finn wants him to say anything to Rachel. Finn says no as he slides the door open and he leaves. Rachel is mentioned once again when Finn is back at McKinley. He hugs Mr. Schue as Will welcomes him back and asks how was the army and why he isn't there, to which Finn explains it didn't work out so well. "Have you spoken to Rachel? She's been worried sick about you," Will explains. But Finn has ignores that and says it's so good to see Mr. Schue. Then Finn asks if he can talk to him about something, and that's when Finn hugs him and breaks down emotionally. It's towards the end of the episode when Rachel is seen again. In the April Rhodes Civic Pavilion, Finn is looking through sheet music on the stage when Rachel walks onto the stage, surprising Finn. "This is where you proposed to me..." is what Rachel says first. She talks about their first date here on the stage and also where they first met. She asks if he remembers it, and Finn nods. "Yeah. Glee rehearsal.. you um.. you really freaked me out!" Rachel crosses her arms as she walks over to the center stage and says this place is kind of their Jerusalem, because all roads just seem to lead them back here. She says she went to his house, the tire shop but she would've imagined that he would be here though. "I know it feels kind of weird but I just felt like singing up here..." Finn says. "Seems to help me to have figured out stuff before so.." His voice fades as he walks to the stands. "Yeah, I would've just come here first, if you would've picked up your phone or answered my text messages. Instead I had to get on a plane and drive around town, LOOKING for you like an idiot," Rachel says defiantly. Finn apologizes. "I just needed time to think." And this is where the beginning of the real drama starts. "You had FOUR months! I hated you for what you did to me at that train station!" Rachel yells. Finn tries to argue back to say he was trying to help, but... " I HATED YOU!" Rachel screams, infuriated. "But when I got to New York, I thought.. how much you loved me.. and how HARD that must have been for you! And I thought... THIS.... THIS is what a MAN looks like. This is how a man LOVES." Tears form in her eyes through each word said aloud. "But you, not telling me where you were for FOUR MONTHS, and sneaking up before sunrise in the middle of the night without saying hi, that is NOT being a man, Finn!"

"I'm trying to give you your freedom!" Finn tries to yell back.

But Rachel lets it all out. "I don't need you to give me my freedom! I am a grown woman. I don't need you to hide from me, to keep me from doing what is right for me."

Finn, eyes full of hurt, says, "Like that Brody guy?"

"I didn't DO Brody, okay? And don't you think that I'd rather have been with you?" Rachel says back.

"But didn't you say that he was on Broadway? He has like 3% body fat? Who am I? I barely even graduated high school and my life has absolutely NO direction."

"Don't you get it? No matter how rich or...famous...or successful I become, when it comes to you...I'm.. I'm always gonna be that moon-eyed girl who... freaked you out on that first Glee rehersal..." Rachel says in a shaky
File:Glee-break-up-episode-promo-video 310x300.jpg
tone. Her hands come up, surrendering and giving up. "You were the first boy who made ME feel LOVED... and sexy...a-and visible..." Tears run down her cheek as she manages to say the words that have been so hard to speak. "You are my first love...and I want more than anything for you to be my last." She sniffles and stares him right in the face as the drops come running after one another down her face. "But I can't do this anymore. At least not now." She shakes her head and spits out the words, "We're done."

"Wow," Finn manages to whimper out. "What am I gonna do with my life..I-I don't have my girl, I don't have a job and I don't have a place in this world..." Rachel smiles through her sad expression and says, "You have you!" She walks towards him. "And that's better than anyone else on the planet as far as I'm concerned." She nods and he nods and they share a final kiss as she departs the auditorium. Finn walks to the centre stage as the music to, The Scientist, begins. Finn begins to sing as Blaine, Santana, Kurt, Brittana, Emma and Will appear altogether, singing the song with shaky voices and sad tones. When it comes to relationships being tested, it isn't always easy, but it was never said to be that hard. Finally, Rachel sings near Finn and as she does, it flashes back to their first kiss in the auditorium in the Pilot episode, for Blaine 

and Kurt, their first time they meet at Dalton in Never Been Kissed, Santana and Brittany, their little moments in the choir room during Heart, and, Emma and Will, their first kiss at the end of the episode Sectionals. The song progresses and finally, towards the end, glances are given before the camera turns and the light shines down on Finn, everyone else gone, revealing that The Scientist was sung by himself. The episode comes to an end.


Rachel makes her first appearance in the episode, appearing in a NYADA class, putting on her shoes as
Cassandra walks in. Cassandra introduces her current class to the upperclassmen as she calls upon the upperclassmen to help her current class bring up their game. Rachel seems surprised and shocked as Brody is one of the upperclassmen that appears in Rachel's class. Cassandra instructs everyone to begin and a short scene of Brody and Rachel is shown. Rachel smiles as she asks how Brody has been. He comments on how much they haven't seen each other. Rachel says she has been up and down but it's been good since she and Finn has "officially officially" broken up, she feels she can focus on why she really came to New York, which is her work. Brody looks at her, dreamily as they walk and talk. As Cassandra instructs the students, Rachel says "Speaking of work, guess who got her first off-broadway audition." Brody is in awe as he goes "What?!" She smiles and brushes her hair, saying she's really excited. Cassandra keeps instructing but Rachel and Brody continually talks. Rachel says it's a production of "The Glass Menagerie." She keeps spilling to Brody about who's playing who as Cassandra enviously watches her go on. Brody says that it's a great role, but she's too hot to play Laura. Brody grabs Rachel's hands and they dance, as she smiles at his compliment. Brody and Rachel dance away, Rachel being lifted as Cassandra lifts her cane, with an unsatisfied and jealous expression. Rachel and Brody stop again as Rachel asks Brody to help her practise during the weekends for her audition. He happily agrees but behind Rachel, Cassandra comes up and says "Okay, some advice." Cassandra says Rachel isn't ready for the director, Iven. She says Rachel isn't tough enough yet and doesn't have enough wounds. Cassandra mentions that she auditioned for him and that Iven made her recite her monologue in a slow way, standing on one foot and pouring tomato juice over herself. Rachel looks, a bit taken aback. Cassandra calls Rachel “Schwimmer” again and says Iven will eat her alive. Miss July turns away but Rachel says that she can take it. Rachel admits that she thinks Cassandra should audition for Amanda Wingfield and get back in the game. Cassandra stops and says to the class, "Junior take five and freshmen, just, I dunno, go do something." Cassandra calls for Brody as Rachel walks away. Cassandra asks Brody to be her new TA meaning lots of lessons out of school and lots of time out, meaning Rachel can't practise with him. Cassandra says that they'll start tomorrow but Brody hesitates and then asks if they could start Monday cause he promised to help Rachel out. Cassandra says they can start on Monday, saying she understands, but the anger and jealousy is in her eyes. Rachel and Kurt are doing stretches together in an empty NYADA classroom. Kurt can't believe Rachel is doing an audition for "The Glass Menagerie." Rachel comments on Iven's work on musicals as Kurt lets out a large stretch, saying released as Rachel lets go. Kurt's phone vibrates as he gets it from his pocket. Kurt raises his eyes as he says "Ooh! Grease update from Tina!" Rachel gets up excited. Kurt explains that the girl playing Sandy (Marley) has gained so much weight that she can't fit into her clothes. Rachel frowns saying that's unfortunate and says it has nothing to do with her and Kurt. Rachel looks at Kurt and she realizes what he's saying. She says "No, no. We are not going to see it!" Behind her, Cassandra enters, asking, "Not going to see what?! What are you doing in my studio Schwimmer? Practicing for your big audition?" Rachel replies back, "Yeah but this is actually my room-mate Kurt and he's helping me with it!" Kurt introduces himself as Cassandra takes off her shirt. "Ooh! You got some abs!" Kurt exclaims. Rachel and Kurt look at each other as Cassandra asks them to get the bar. Kurt explains to Cassandra what they weren't going to see. "Her recently broken up boyfriend is directing my recently broken up ex boyfriend at a school production of Grease and we had a bunch of friends in it and we were debating whether or not to go," Kurt says. Rachel gives a frown as she looks at Kurt. Cassandra stretches, asking when is it. He says this weekend. Cassandra tells Rachel that she needs to go, since Rachel and Kurt are both not over their ex-s, it's an opportunity for closure. Rachel then says, "I have closure." Cassandra raises her eyes and says, "Then go have fun, Schwim, or go because it's Grease. Go because it's your friends, because it's your high school." Rachel and Kurt give each other stares when Kurt says that he's going asking Rachel to come cause he can't do it alone. Rachel says that even though they both might want to go, which Rachel doesn't, they both don't have the money for it cause Kurt's an intern and Rachel spent all of her money in her last trip home. Cassandra then says she can give them her JetBlue flyer vouchers because she can't use them since she was banned from her Bloody Mary fueled. Kurt nods his head as he stares at Rachel. She looks at Rachel and tells her not to go if she doesn't want to, but Cassandra thinks Rachel will regret missing it. Rachel seriously contemplates her decision as the scene changes. On the opening night of Grease, Rachel and Kurt return to Lima, Ohio at McKinley to watch the production. It seems Rachel made up her mind. Rachel says that as much as many people ask, they'll stick to their five autograph limit. Kurt says he's more concerned about running into "You know who" (Blaine). Rachel reassures him as they stop before their old lockers. They smile and remember it. "Look, it's my locker and it's your locker!" Rachel reminds Kurt of how he tried to get out of the problem with Mercedes, saying he had a thing for Rachel. They both laugh as Mercedes comes up behinds them and says it still burns her ass till this day. Rachel and Kurt squeal and hug Mercedes. Mercedes comments on how amazing it is as they came to see the musical because the kids are ready to bring the house down. Rachel asks Mercedes to tell her and Kurt everything. "Life is busy, everything's crazy busy! It's hard balancing UCLA classes and recording back-up vocals, and having Puckerman always hitting me up for Sugar Momma's phone numbers. But life is good! Oh you guys have got to come back on stage to say hi, they're gonna freak when they see who's here!" Mercedes says to them. Kurt and Rachel nod and smile as they greet Mercedes. Just before the opening curtains lift, Rachel and Kurt listens to Mercedes and walks back-stage to greet everyone. As Kurt sees Blaine, Rachel says that they wouldn't miss the musical for the world, explaining it to Blaine rather than making Kurt talk. On the other side, Finn comes out, and says "Rachel" shocked. Rachel greets Finn herself, asking how he is. Finn says he's a little surprised to see her. Mercedes, next to Rachel and Kurt says she's going to go help warm-up. Finn asks how Rachel is to which she replies optimistically. Kurt says the rest, about Rachel's Glass Menagerie audition. Finn nods and says it's awesome, congratulating Rachel. The four stand and give awkward glances. Finn says it's weird that there are a lot of history between them but it's cool that Kurt and Rachel came to see the show because they're pretty proud of it. Kurt and Rachel fake smiles as Blaine storms away. Kurt heaves loudly as he tells Rachel that she was right and that they shouldn't have came, because he won't get through Act 2. Rachel reassures him once again, saying that it's fine because she'll be sitting right next to him. "Because we'll be holding hands and laughing and applauding and we are never ever gonna let them see us sweat. Okay?" The two share a hug as Beauty School Drop Out begins. During Beauty School Drop Out, Kurt and Rachel watch Blaine sing. Rachel watches Kurt as they both see Blaine lose his attention as he sees Kurt. She checks if he's alright. When Santana performs There Are Worse Things I Could Do, as Rizzo, Rachel is seen watching, satisfied. Rachel is seen clapping loudly at the end of Santana's performance. When You're the One That I Want, is performed by Ryder and Marley and the rest of New Directions, Rachel sits and watches sadly. She reminisces. She fantasises a scene as Finn comes out as Danny,
File:Portal-You're The One That I Want.png
singing, with Rachel as Sandy behind him. She sings as the camera faces towards them both. Finn stands on the side curtains as he watches and is able to fantasise the scene too. A flashback is then contained when Rachel goes back to the moment she and Finn first rehearsed together in Glee Club and she freaked him out. Kurt then also imagines him dancing with Blaine and the rest of New Directions. Tina and Mike dance together, Santana and Brittany too. Artie is also seen in his wheelchair as Finn and Rachel sing the song together. The audience applauds as the performance ends. Everyone stands up but Rachel, stunned, stays seated. Finn claps and thanks Artie for dragging him into the musical. The cast Pof Grease bow for the audience's applauds. Kurt looks down at Rachel who gets up and says she needs a minute, literally in tears. In the female bathroom, she rings Brody, in tears.

"Well, hello Schwimmer, how's Ohio?" Cassandra answers instead. Rachel, taken aback asks, "Cassandra? I was calling for Brody..." Cassandra says he's in the shower, soaking up his incredible, chiselled physique. She asks if Rachel wants to leave him a message. But Rachel doesn't understand. Cassandra then says that Rachel flew off leaving a hot ass (Brody) at NYADA while she went to visit her loser ex-boyfriend (Finn) in Ohio. Cassandra says that Brody was lonely and distraught and didn't know what to do with himself so she was more than happy to call him up to choreograph a new routine. She says one thing went to another and next thing, Brody went to her place. Rachel is now incredibly surprised and upset. "Just... you and Brody..? Why.?" Cassandra replies, "Why don't we consider this another of those nasty life lessons...Auditioning for an off-Broadway play, throwing yourself at an upperclassmen and telling me that I need to get back in the game? I-I need to get back in the game..?! I think you were over-reaching and needed a little bit of a reminder. I am the game Schwimmer. And you are what you've always been. Privileged, self-indulgent, diamonded-" Before she can finish, Rachel phones off. Tears coming down and full of hurt. Rachel leaves the bathroom after the call and Finn comes out of the corner and calls for her. Finn says she missed the curtain call. "Have you been crying?" Finn asks. But Rachel denies, saying she's fine. "For two years, I was the guy you came to for every little problem. Are we just gonna, pretend that we're not even friends anymore?" Finn says.

"I just, I shouldn't have come here." Rachel replies. "It's just, it's too weird." Finn asks then why did she come.

She says for Kurt and for him, Finn. She says that everything was really, really good but she had a couple of notes but they were small. Finn thanks her coming and says that the whole time he was directing he was basically thinking of what would she do because she's kind of his moose. She corrects him and says it's a muse. He says he knows and he wanted to see her smile. Finn asks if she can tell him what she's so upset about but Rachel says she rather not. He asks if she was crying about him, but she replies and says it wasn't. "Oh.. it's about him, isn't it? Brody?" Finn says with a smirk. "I just didn't think you would move on that fast.." Rachel says he doesn't know that but Finn says that he knows her and the four different types of crying: Fake crying, Singing crying, Disappointed crying and the crying over a guy which Finn knows very well because Rachel reserved it for Finn. Rachel then lets it out, "Well, I told you we shouldn't talk about this." Finn says then maybe they shouldn't talk about anything anymore. He says that no contact and not even in song and when she comes to visit, he doesn't want to know about it. Rachel replies and says it's a good idea and despite not knowing what will happen between them, she'll know that he's the guy who made her feel like the most special thing in the whole world and it doesn't feel that way anymore. "It just feels sad and confusing and the worst part is... it doesn't really feel that bad anymore.." Rachel says. Finn, full of hurt, replies that whatever made her cry for that Brody guy it made sure she didn't cry for himself. Kurt then comes out and calls for Finn, because Mr. Schuester wants to see him in the choir room. Finn then says bye and walks towards the choir room as Rachel walks to Kurt. Rachel says "Let's go home" to which Kurt says, "I thought this was home" but Rachel says it doesn't feel like it anymore. Blaine then comes and says he wants to talk to Kurt. Rachel leaves them two but Kurt says he isn't interested and follows Rachel. Just like Rachel and Finn, Kurt and Blaine have a small confrontation. As Rachel waits for Kurt, Kurt says to Blaine that Rachel was right. That this isn't home anymore, leaving Blaine and Kurt empty-handed. Rachel and Kurt then leave for New York. This is the final scene that Rachel is seen in the episode.


After Quinn's return, Rachel is first mentioned when Finn, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, Quinn and Santana have a moment at Breadstix. The gang has come for the holidays, in the occasion of Thanksgiving but Santana asks if anyone has heard from Kurt or Rachel. Quinn says that Rachel keeps emailing her and reminding her that Quinn hasn't used the ticket to New York. Quinn then also says sorry to Finn due to his break-up with Rachel.

Rachel and Kurt are seen in New York when Rachel tells Kurt that she didn't get casted in The Glass Menagerie. She tells Kurt that the NYADA showcase is this week so she's really working hard for it. Kurt talks about his NYADA application with Rachel. After this, Rachel discusses that they should stay in New York for the weekend and that they don't have to go back to Lima because they have a show or because it's a long weekend. Kurt agrees although it's Sectionals and all their friends are there and he also misses his dad. Rachel says she misses her dads too but she feels sad when she goes home and that even though she and Kurt no longer have their boyfriends, they still have their dreams and ambition. Kurt says "and each other" to which Rachel hugs him, saying he's the only significant other she needs in her life. They decide to forget about their boyfriends and Rachel forgets about Brody too since they're in the greatest city. She promises Kurt that they'll have the best Thanksgiving ever. They pinky promise as the scene closes. 
File:Glee.S04E08.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 0387.jpg
Again, Rachel is seen in a NYADA class, doing practise stretches on the bar as Brody walks in. He tells the class that Miss July does not want to teach again due to the mediocracy of the class but Brody assumes she's just hungover. He also announces that he's teaching Dance 101 today. Rachel gives a small groan and looks disgusted. She begins to pack as Brody asks if there is a problem. She comments on how every year people pay $30,000 to be taught by professionals and not TAs like Brody. He notices her anger and asks why she's angry, to which Rachel says besides the fact that he slept with Cassandra. "And why do you care who I sleep with?" Brody asks. Brody says that Rachel was the one that broke him off to go off with another guy (Finn) which was unexpected. He instructs the class to do a dance move as he grabs Rachel's hand and pulls her towards the class. She drops her bag as Brody tells her she isn't in high school anymore and that they're adults. She made herself unavailable, and can't be the girl to expect other people to read her mind. Rachel says Brody doesn't need to read her mind to know that Cassandra is her mortal enemy but Brody comments on her ass and that they're friends and he won't do that again. She nods as she approves. He asks her what she's doing for Thanksgiving as they dance. Rachel tells him about her and Kurt's plans. Brody comments on it, saying that sounds awfully depressing, especially since he tasted her cooking, making Rachel laugh. He then instructs the class to actually try. He turns back to Rachel and says since he can't afford to go home this Thanksgiving, he'll go over to Rachel and Kurt's to cook dinner. Rachel then says that'd be great as Brody says, "Mind if I bring Cassie?" Rachel replying, "Haha, shut up, just dance with me," as they chuckle away. At their New York apartment, Kurt, Rachel and Brody are preparing for the Thanksgiving party. They prepare the food as Brody give Kurt tips on preparing them. Rachel comments on it being great as Kurt says it's a great chill. Brody instructs them not to break out in song as Rachel asks "What?" joking around. Brody asks Rachel to help him with the chicken, and although she is a vegetarian, she can still touch it. She rubs the chicken as Brody helps her. "Touch it like you love him..." Brody tells Rachel. He touches her hand intimately as Kurt tells them that if they're done with the chicken, to put it in the oven. Rachel says it's almost time for Sectionals, Kurt asking why it's on Thanksgiving. Rachel figures that maybe it's because it might sell more tickets for those coming back home. Rachel remembers her first Sectionals and how nervous she was as she looked in her mirror and gave a pep talk. She explains the pep talk as the scene changes to Marley doing exactly what Rachel did. She reassures herself in the mirror as she prepares. 
File:Glee.S04E08.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 0778.jpg
When Kurt, Rachel and Brody sit down for dinner, Rachel closes her eyes and appears to be thinking or praying - leading Kurt to ask if she's okay. She reminisces about every year's Thanksgiving and medleys with her two dads. She misses out on those this year round and feels as if that may not be part of her life anymore. Brody takes out the turkey - asking Kurt to do the honors. But Kurt doesn't accept as Brody and Rachel man-handled it. He opens the door, welcoming Isabelle's friends. They were highly fashionable clothes as they ask about an orphan party. Kurt and Rachel seem to be taken aback as Isabelle's friend explains that she was stopped on her way. Kurt's phone rings as he picks up. Let's Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time's music begins with Isabelle starting the verse with the phonecall to Kurt. As Kurt listens to the phonecall, he sees Isabelle enter their apartment, handing a gift over. Isabelle, Rachel and Kurt begin to sing the chorus of the song as they "lock the doors tight" like the lyric says. Isabelle and everyone else dances the kiki dance. As Brody asks what a "Kiki" is, the second verse begins with everyone clicking their fingers and clapping towards him. Brody sits surprised and after the chorus of Let's Have a Kiki, Rachel starts Turkey Lurkey Time. Brody laughs as he watches Rachel, Kurt, Isabelle and her fashion friends dance and sing. The song then transits back to Let's Have a Kiki, Brody joining in. As the song ends, Rachel squeals. "This is the best Thanksgiving ever!"

Swan SongEdit

In Swan Song, Kurt first tells Rachel that Blaine told him about New Direction's lost at Sectionals due to Marley passing out, shocking Rachel. Rachel contemplates about calling Finn, Kurt says if that makes him feel better. Rachel decides it's a bad idea, as she'll remind him of a bigger loss, him losing her, adding to New Direction's loss, making things worse. The two then go on to speak about Kurt's re-audition at NYADA. Rachel assures him that he'll always have time to apply, Kurt denies himself, saying that the Universe is trying to tell him that he's bad at something. Rachel says it's just Carmen Tibideaux, to which he replies, "Is there a difference?" He then questions Rachel about whether Carmen has handed out the invitation to NYADA's Winter Showcase. Rachel says that she hasn't and besides, she won't be getting one, because a freshmen of NYADA hasn't gotten one for at least seven years and that person was Broadway-stage raised. Kurt admits he has been active on the NYADA blogs recently to
File:Glee.S04E09.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 00015.jpg
 audition and that's why he found out about the showcase. He places a record on as he explains about the Winter Showcase. It then shows Carmen Tibideaux writing the invitations. Kurt says that every year, ten students are specifically chosen to perform at the showcase, Rachel listening. Carmen hand writes each invitation and delivers them. Just being invited is an honour. He goes on to explain that former winners have won emmys, oscars and golden globes. Rachel looks weary as the seen changes. Rachel is seen in Dance 101, Carmen walking towards her and hands her the envelope. Everyone surrounds her as she opens to read: "Carmen Tibideaux cordially invites Rachel Berry to the 2012 Winter NYADA Showcase." Rachel is delightful as everyone applauds her.  When the Glee Club is announced over for the year, everyone blames Marley and says she is no Rachel Berry. Tina says she knew Rachel Berry and that Marley is no Rachel Berry. Back at NYADA, Rachel is practising dance in Dance 101 with other students, Cassandra July back to instruct them. Rachel asks to drink water after Cassandra comments on her position, and she then stops the class. She tells them to stop because everybody stops the show when somebody's thirsty on Broadway, pointing to Rachel. "Is this how you respond when you receive a golden ticket?" Cassandra asks. Rachel says she isn't trying to be a diva but she's dehydrated because she has been working her butt off and has gotten better. Cassandra says three months in and Rachel still has no stamina and can't even outdance a girl named "Alexandra Bushee" at the showcase, for she was born to dance. She says that Rachel cannot keep up, to which Rachel replies, "I've kept up with you!" Rachel has dealt with everything Cassandra has thrown at her, but Miss July is taken aback, saying she 
File:Cassandra July All that Jazz.jpg
teaches and it's Rachel's fault that she doesn't understand her methods. "You don't understand how much better I've gotten," says Rachel. Miss July asks if Rachel wants to show how good she has become, show her that she's not wasting her time. Cassandra agrees and decides to do Chicago. "Anyone here can join in if they like but this is between me and the platypus," Cassandra says, making Rachel smirk. All That Jazz then begins to play. Rachel tries to sing the first verse, but Cassandra interrupts and sings. The NYADA students join in and dance along, clapping and applauding after their verses. Miss July is able to dance in an appealing manner, but Rachel has won over with her voice. Both girls have background dancers and background singers and both also using the dance bars. Rachel even makes a reference to Cassandra's case of drinking. They then have a sing/dance-off, resulting in the NYADA students to surround them both. Cassandra then says if Rachel can see that she isn't good enough. She agrees that she isn't a good enough dancer, but she has the voice and she'll win over the showcase with her voice.  As the Winter Showcase competition commences, the dancer, Alexandra, goes on to dance. Rachel waits at the stairs as she tries to calm her nerves. Wearing a stunning, white dress, she looks ready, but she isn't. Out comes Brody, as he walks up the stairs, noticing her nerves. He says that he was too, after his showcase and to remember what he said when they first met, she's here because she is the best of the best. Rachel says that was sweet and it was a very good pep talk and she feels that she's got this. She says she may not be a true beauty and no one's gonna pay her to walk the runway on fashion week and she won't cure cancer, but if you give her a stage to sing on, she know she's a gut and no one can beat her. 
File:Glee.S04E09.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 0573.jpg
Brody can't believe she's so calm but Rachel admits that she is in fact terrified, but she'll go out and sing like she won't have a chance to sing like that again. He holds her hand and says that he won't get in on a woman on her mission and tells Rachel to break a leg. He lets go but then Rachel holds him and kisses him. He asks what that was for, Rachel finally saying that she's going to start doing things like she will never have another chance to go for. Kurt then goes and calls for her as it's her turn to sing.  Carmen Tibideaux welcomes Rachel to the stage. Kurt and Brody take their seats as Rachel takes to the stage with Barbra Streisand's, Being Good Isn't Good Enough. Rachel introduces herself first and as she sings, Kurt, Brody, Alexandra and other audience members watch with excitement, delightfulness or jealousy. Rachel's voice projects around the Round Room, Carmen Tibideaux, giving out a light smile. As Rachel finishes the song with the final note, the people of the audience gives her a standing ovation. Brody yells out Rachel's name, Carmen nodding with satisfaction and Rachel, stands there as she gains applause and looks like she's going to cry due to happiness. She then goes to the band and tells the audience that her next number is her favorite holiday song. 
O Holy Night begins as Rachel sings. The scene changes, showing Finn entering the replaced choir room, full of Coach Sylvester's belongings. The audience watches Rachel sing, Finn packing up New Direction's trophies as Cheerios hang from hula-hoops that are stuck to the ceiling. Finn places the 2012 National Championship Trophy into a box as he looks at the portrait of Lillian Adler. Back at NYADA, people in the audience impersonate Rachel as she lets out a long note, opening their mouths, amazed by her talent. Finn gives a final look at the choir room as he pushes out the trolley holding all the New Direction's belongings and flicks the light switch. Towards the ending of the song, Carmen gives a look towards Kurt as he watches Rachel, upset about Carmen's news on his re-application. Once again, Rachel gets a standing ovation, hugging Kurt as Carmen comments on her performance.  Carmen says that Rachel's two solos were wonderful, and then says "No, they were superb." Carmen then says there will be a brief intermission and if he thinks he is ready, Kurt Hummel will perform for everyone. As Kurt rushes down, Rachel follows. He can't believe Carmen and her idea of making Kurt perform in front of the entire NYADA faculty and theatrical audience. Rachel says she's giving Kurt a second chance and seeing if Kurt can perform under pressure. Kurt is nervous, sure he will fail. As Kurt tries to select his song, he decides to do Being Alive by Company. 
File:Glee.S04E09.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 0745.jpg
But he knows Carmen may hate the song and he needs costume and props to which Rachel immediately says he doesn't need at all! Rachel says she knows when Kurt was at his best when he sung "I Want to Hold Your Hand" in the choir room and it gave her chills just thinking about it. Kurt says that was different because his dad was in the hospital. He says he can't dedicate it to anyone, but then asks, "Carmen?" Rachel then says, "To yourself."  Kurt introduces himself after he and Rachel's pep talk. He jokes, saying he is auditioning for the role of NYADA student. The song, Being Alive, begins to play, Rachel and Brody watching Kurt intently. During the performance, Rachel and Brody hold hands. When Kurt reaches towards the ending of the song, he and Rachel both have teary eyes. At the end of the performance, Rachel, Brody, Carmen and the rest of the NYADA faculty and audience members applaud Kurt. 
File:Glee.S04E09.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 0856.jpg
As Finn sits in his room, his phone vibrates, Rachel calling him. Finn, thinking Rachel butt-dialed him as he told her not to talk to him anymore, is told that Rachel wants to hear his voice, especially after...But Finn finishes the sentence. Especially after New Direction's lost and that everyone's been giving up, leaving Rachel a bit guilty. She says that Glee Club isn't about competing but Finn doesn't listen. He believes they live to compete. Kurt told Finn that Rachel was competing tonight, to which Rachel says that she won. Finn congratulates her but Rachel asks him to listen. "Even if we never won our Sectionals or Nationals never happened, it still would've been worth it. I mean Glee, it's about the love of the music! It's about, people like Puck and Artie, not only singing together, but actually being friends...And Brittany and Mike, dancing for fun when no one is around...It's even about the romances. You know they come and go, but, they're just as important. Look...those kids, they respect you so much, and they look up to you so, don't let them give up on their dreams okay? Promise me one thing.. don't give up on yours. Okay?"  After the phone call, Finn is finally motivated. During Don't Dream It's Overback in New York, Kurt reads a letter in tears. Rachel asks what happened, as Kurt says he got his NYADA letter and that he got in. Rachel runs to hug him as they cry. 

Glee, ActuallyEdit

Rachel first appears in Artie's dream, where she is the school librarian and when Artie questions about NYADA and broadway, Rachel shakes her head and goes on about how she'll perform in the chorus of a Lima musical. Artie harasses her for information to the point where Rachel screams and Finn and Puck catches her. When Artie tries to make the Glee Club remember themselves and the memories, he sings Feliz Navidad, Rachel looking with a quirky face. Rachel then appears briefly as she and Kurt prep up for Christmas with a small Christmas tree. She invites him to a "Christmas cruise" to which Kurt declines. When the door knocks, Kurt and Rachel are excited to see Burt with a large Christmas tree, replacing their small one. As they set it up together, Burt talks about how Kurt missed his mom and the Christmas memories before she died, leaving a few tears in Rachel's eyes. Kurt advises Rachel to save her tears this Christmas. She exclaims that she'll be late but before she can go, Burt hands her a Christmas ornament resembling a big apple (New York City) as she hangs it up, thanking Burt and leaving. 

Sadie HawkinsEdit

Kurt's first week at NYADA isn't as great as he expected because he expected to be with Rachel the whole way through but instead, she's helping a shirtless Brody all the time, preparing him for the Magic Mike musical production. Rachel leaves Kurt to wander around for himself. When Rachel and Kurt talk at their apartment, she tells Kurt that she and Brody ate dinner and he decided to bring her home and Rachel decided to invite him to stay over. Rachel says she wants to cease the moment and is tired of second-guessing the moment to get it right. When Kurt tells her that he's thinking of joining the show choir at NYADA, Rachel says no, because out of all things to join, joining the Adam and The Apples will be similar to social suicide and so, they're in college not high school. Later when Rachel and Kurt take a stroll through the city, Rachel tells him to grab at the chance if he's interested in someone. He admits he is, and Rachel walks across the street to hug Brody. Towards the ending of the episode, Rachel sits and waits in her and Kurt's apartment as she plays with the cold food, she picks up the food as the doorbell rings and Brody arrives. She isn't please and is pretty pissed as Brody came late. But he tells her he would wait for that train all day if it was the last day of his life just so he could see Rachel. Rachel smiles as she puts the food down and says she guess she could microwave it. But Brody says they can eat later and asks her to dance with him. She says there isn't music on, but he tells her to imagine it. They song, I Only Have Eyes For Youstarts playing. At the end of the song, after their dance, Brody said he wants to stay closer to Rachel and so he'll find an apartment in the area but Rachel asks him to move in. 


In the episode, Naked, Rachel is first seen being offered to play a part in a student film at NYADA. She reluctantly
File:Rachellol faberry.gif
agrees and is asked whether she will do a topless scene. Rachel seems shocked but says she'll come back to the director. She walks out and her old self stands there saying that she can't do it. Her old self follows her around, lecturing her, even insulting Rachel. They settle it off by singing, Torn.  Rachel and the old Rachel have a sing-off because the "old Rachel" is sure that Rachel doesn't need to expose herself for a play. In the NYADA Dance 101 Classroom, the band in there begins to play the song. She sings as the old Rachel stands across her, disappointed at her choices to become who she is now. They both sing as the classroom begins to be filled. The new Rachel seems to be annoyed an unsteady as she is followed around by her old self. When the new Rachel sings in front of her mirror at her apartment, the old Rachel can be seen singing back, making Rachel seemed annoyed. Rachel is obviously torn between whether to do the topless scene or not and at the end of the performance, she agrees to do so. When Kurt hears about Rachel's participation in the topless scene, he doesn't agree, saying that once she wore skirts and asked if Finn likes her. He even scolds Brody for being Naked and sitting on his chair. Rachel says she'll do the scene without his support or not, Brody being the one that says Rachel will win an Oscar only if she goes shirtless. One night when Rachel comes home from her apartment, she finds Quinn and Santana and they explain that Kurt called them to do a lady-vention on Rachel.
File:Love Song Rachel.png
Quinn and Santana sit Rachel down, saying that they're here for an emergency intervention and for shopping and also because Quinn wants Santana to apologize for slapping her. They explain that Rachel can't do the scene because she'll feel guilty and regret, Santana comparing it to her sex tape as Rachel brings it up. Despite this, Rachel goes on to play the part at the set of the student film and is asked to take her robe off but she can't. She stops and asks everyone to take their shirts off, and the crew does. But not even that helps and Rachel says she can't do it, to which the director tells her to get out. She walks off the set as she packs, singing Love Song with her robe on. She walks through NYADA, singing as she enters the NYADA auditorium and sees Santana and Quinn and the band on the set of the student film. Together they sing and dance. At the end of the song, they share a group hug, and Rachel asks them to stay as she wants to buy them dinner. Santana comments about New York and says it's her thing and she may stay. 


In the episode, Diva, Rachel is first seen in class singing a high note which obviously, Kurt isn't too pleased about as she hasn't shut her mouth. Kurt explains that ever since Rachel won the winter show case, her ego has increased superbly. Kurt is also tired of her clogging the sink with her hair extensions and taking a while in the shower because of her singing. At NYADA, Rachel doesn't hang with Kurt but with other egotistical and serious people, similar to Rachel herself. Rachel won't even pick up the phone and asks Kurt to say it because she saves her voice. Kurt is certain that he can knock down Rachel's ego, and only he can do this. Rachel is mentioned briefly when Finn says the only way to get past Regionals is if New Directions had all the good voices like Rachel, Santana, Mercedes and Kurt. Rachel is then seen with the same hairstyle as she had back in Lima, Ohio. She sings as she talks to Kurt, to which he seems incredibly annoyed by. She bosses Kurt to make some tea as it's really good for her throat. He talks back at her with a harsh reply. Rachel says, "I take that as a no... an incredibly rude no that deserves an explanation!" Kurt says it's truth time and says that Rachel has been a nightmare since the winter showcase, leading to Rachel thinking that she's certain it's about time he admitted he was jealous of her success. They start to argue, Kurt saying that they only became best friends because she became tolerable but now she's got a naked boyfriend and he points out more of the things that changed her attitude. He says that she's an annoying, self-righteous and Lima Rachel on steroids. While he says this, she sets the kettle for the tea. Rachel then says her part that Carmen Tibideaux only let Kurt sing at the showcase because Rachel and Kurt were friends. Kurt explains that although she may have won the showcase, but his performance was the one everyone was talking about because he blew her away. Kurt challenges Rachel to a head-to-head diva off, but Rachel says she wouldn't do that if she was him because she already beat him in a diva-off back in Glee Club. But Kurt admits a confession that he purposely threw the competition in Glee Club, Defying Gravity, which confuses Rachel. He explains he didn't want to embarrass his dad because he has a son that sings songs written for ladies. Rachel can't believe it and forces him to take it back, but unfortunately, Kurt mentions it's truth time. She becomes infuriated as that was her first win and that was the win that she built all her confidence for two more years on. Kurt tells her to prepare for diva-off two, and tells her to enjoy her tea.
Rachel is seen later, walking with Brody down the NYADA hallway, discussing how she will win the midnight madness diva-off while Brody explains that the winner gets total bragging rights and the loser gets shame and humiliated. Rachel is sure she will win and her two gay friends says she will as they heard that Kurt was challenging Rachel and it sounded like a joke. The two guys continue to gossip and bully Kurt as Kurt walks up and overhears the gossiping. Rachel tells them that Kurt earned his place here in NYADA just like the two of them.  The boys ask, "Excuse me?" but Kurt walks over and says that he's staying at NYADA but Rachel looks at his disheartened expression.  Later, Finn is in Emma's office, and Rachel is mentioned as Emma hands the pamphlets to Finn, regarding break-ups. He says that she changed her relationship status to "Shacked Up" and he's relationship status is still "Heartbroken." At the midnight madness, Kurt and Rachel prepare for the diva-off. The clock points at midnight. 
File:Schermafbeelding 2013-02-09 om 01.02.17.png.jpg
Rachel, Kurt and the various NYADA members watch Brody explain the rules. First up, it's Rachel verses Kurt. They stand next to each other with envious and prepared faces. The song to be sung is Bring Him Home from Les Miserablés. Kurt is to start first as he was the one to challenge Rachel. As Kurt sings the song, he has teary-eyes as he relates some of the lyrics to Rachel, who sits in the audience and watches him intently. The scene intercuts from Rachel to Kurt as they sing with the spotlight shining on them. Adam can also be seen watching the performances. At the end of the song, everyone in the audience gives a silence applause as part of the rules, then stands besides the one who they thought won. It is announced, that just by so many votes, Kurt had won the Diva-Off challenge. Rachel looks a bit offended when her gay friends walk over to Kurt's side and as Kurt is given silent applause, Rachel gives it too, with a disappointed expression. When Kurt tells off the two gay friends of Rachel as they seem to be kissing up to everyone, Kurt sees Rachel looking at a some posters on the wall as Kurt walks over to discuss things with her. Kurt attempts to encourage her to audition for Funny Girl, but Rachel says that Kurt should try out, with a sad expression then walking away. Rachel is seen looking out of her window in her New York apartment as Kurt encourages her again to audition for the musical.
Rachel says she isn't trying out to which Kurt knows is because of the Midnight Madness win. But he knows that their even now, because she won a diva-off and he won a diva-off. Rachel explains that she can't audition or she'll be more of a diva nightmare since losing to her best friend and being hated by everyone else. Kurt tells her that she is a diva and she can be a real nightmare but he assures her that she is a diva, not because she's a nightmare but rather because she is talented and no one can do her better than herself. Kurt says that she should hold the nightmare and go with the Diva because a Diva is all about being original. Teary-eyed, Rachel says "I love you" and hugs Kurt on the bed. She apologises and says she hates fighting with him.  At the end of the episode, Santana knocks on Rachel and Kurt's apartment door and reveal that she's moving in with them to the two's surprise. 

I DoEdit

Rachel is first seen in the first scene of I Do, talking to Finn at the Lima Bean. Finn feels uncomfortable talking about Brody with her, saying he doesn't need to her what she and her boyfriend is going through. Rachel notices Finn's expression and asks him what's wrong and he begins to admit that he kissed Ms. Pillsbury. Rachel asks if Mr. Schue knows to which Finn starts to freak out more, saying maybe he should tell Will about it, but Rachel tells him not to and since he wanted to become an actor, now it's time for him to role play this out, and be Will's best man. He says defiantly that not everything has to do with her when she describes her and Brody living together might set him off. She then gets up and walks away.  Later, Finn seeks help with Rachel when he tells her that he has to sing his speech of the best man to Will. He picks out so much songs relating to him confessing about he and Emma's kiss, asking Rachel to meet him in the auditorium. She comes late due to her taking a spray tan. He continues to lash out until Rachel says she'll pick the song as a duet, she taking the lead, while he can just sway in the background. Finn says he thinks she can't handle the chemistry they have while singing, but she knows she can control herself but has to admit that he looks very cute right now. He comments that he has been dieting but she quickly changes the subject to the song selection. At the wedding reception, Rachel can be seen sitting next to Kurt, greeting Mr. Schue during Getting Married Today. Along with everyone else, she sings back-up in the song, especially when the camera zooms onto her face. When Becky walks down the aisle throwing rose petals, she throws some on Kurt and Rachel, making Rachel grin embarrassly. During Just Can't Get Enough, Rachel converses with Finn and says that Emma running away was not just entirely because of him kissing her. Rachel then says that they're not in the same city everyday and grabs him to dance. They dance flirtatiously throughout the song together.  When Sue announces that although Emma isn't here, she will proceed with the throwing of the bouquet, Rachel gets up as Finn watches her with a funny grin. She smiles and as the bouquet is thrown up by Sue, Rachel catches it to everyone's surprise and they applaud her, leaving Finn smiling.
Rachel comes out of the ladie's bathroom with her bouquet as Finn confronts her that he seems confused because only single people should be going to catch the bouquet. Rachel insists that she is single, but he says that she staying with Brody is not her being single. He holds a small flower and rips off the petal saying "She loves me" and "She loves me not" as they converse. Finn tells Rachel that he knows she can't commit well with Brody due to the fact that she loves Finn still. They are about to kiss, and Finn is down to his last petal. She then says that it's time for their duet and walks away, leaving Finn with his flower but she comes and rips the last petal from the flower, leaving him with a smile. They duet together at the venue as everyone slow dances, singing We've Got ToniteTowards the ending of the song, Finn and Rachel hold hands and the scene cuts to them walking into their hotel room. They then finish off the song, with them taking off their clothes and closing the light as they get in bed to have sex. 

Later, Rachel wakes up, grabs her clothes and kisses Finn as she leaves the hotel. Back in New York, she sees that Brody put a lot of effort into making the apartment wonderfully decorated with Valentine's Day decorations saying that he's upset they missed the day together. When he realises she kisses different, he asks if she kissed someone else while she was at Lima, leaving Rachel to ask if their in an open relationship to which he says they are but they still need to be honest. She admits and he's glad she's honest and she asks who he kiss or had sex with, to which he lies, as the scene shows he got money, possibly being a prostitute. He asks if she wants to have sex but she says she's worn out and they decide to watch a movie together.  During Anything Could Happen, Rachel seems uncomfortable as she looks through a notebook and gets out of bed. At the end of the song, she seems to be taking a pregnancy test and seems a little bit shocked. 

Girls (and Boys) on FilmEdit

File:AdamKurtRachel GaBoF.jpg
In the episode, Santana gets a bit too comfortable in the Bushwick Apartment for Rachel and Kurt's comfort. Santana is curious as to why Rachel is always in the bathroom. Later, Rachel decides to kick Santana out but Kurt calms them both down. They decide to pick on a movie, Santana mentioning movies relating to prengancy to which Rachel turns away. Kurt then decides to play Moulin Rouge. Halfway, Santana pauses after a whole lecture to Kurt about how he and Blaine's wedding song would be Come What May. She then goes on to explain her investigating skills, finding $1200 and a pager after searching through all of Rachel and Brody's stuff to which Adam, Kurt and Rachel are completely shocked. But as Santana explains her findings, she says that Brody is a drug dealer, leaving everyone contemplative. As the movie is paused, Rachel cooks some food but Santana wonders where Brody is and that he must be drug dealing. This infuriates Rachel and she is certain that he isn't and is late cause the snow is trapping him out. She decides to prove this by ringing him to which Brody says he is at a friend's house but quickly says he'll be back soon and phones off. Rachel seems sure but Santana and Kurt are on the same page.
File:Breakdowncrying comfort pezberry.gif
When Brody's in the shower later on, Santana continues to tease him, pissing off Rachel. But since they're finally alone, Santana takes the chance to explain her second investigation case to which she found Rachel's pregnancy stick in the bathroom trash. Rachel says she doesn't know what Santana is talking about but Santana says she is her friend and she can trust her, so she asks Rachel to just tell her what's going on. Rachel immediately breaks down in tears, and Santana immediately pulls her into her arms and comforts her, reassuring her over and over again that everything is going to be okay. 


In the episode Feud, Rachel is first seen being escorted to the doctors by Santana, revealing that she isn't pregnant and it was a false alarm. But Rachel rushes to her class to which Santana says that she should look at her life choices, starting with Brody. Rachel also participates in the song How to Be a Heartbreaker, singing the bridge while sitting in her apartement and unaware that Brody is a prostitute and is cheating on her. Rachel is confused about her feelings for him as she contemplates. Santana then comes into the apartment later and continues to accuse Brody of being a drug-dealer to which Rachel defends him but Santana knows her better, leaving Rachel to think about it more. After Rachel and Kurt find out about Santana's confrontation with Brody at NYADA, the two decide to kick her out to which Santana finally agrees in a bitchy way. Rachel remarkes that Santana stole her comforter.

Unknown to Rachel later, Santana finds out Brody's true job but Finn comes in to fix things up and punches Brody in the face then Brody does the same. At the end, Finn says "Stay away from my future wife."

Guilty PleasuresEdit

Rachel is first seen in the episode while Kurt is referring back to their New York apartment while in acting class. Rachel watches movie marathons with Kurt and Santana while Kurt lists them and eventually watches them alone. Later, it seems Santana is back in the apartment and Rachel is showering while Kurt is brushing his teeth. Rachel warns Santana not to get too comfortable again for it’s only temporary. Santana starts to be a usual bitch, saying that Rachel’s beauty products don’t work but Kurt interferes saying that Rachel’s beautiful and those are his beauty products and if Santana used them it’ll completely oil up and ruin her skin to which Rachel says a loud ‘Ooo’ as Kurt’s comeback was harsh. Rachel can be heard singing some notes while Santana approaches Kurt. Santana discusses with Kurt about Brody and why he left and threatens to tell Rachel but Kurt begs Santana not to tell her until after Rachel’s Funny Girl audition. Rachel comes out of the shower as Santana makes a remark about Rachel in a towel and how Brody could give all that up, revealing that Brody has chosen to leave the apartment. 

Rachel sits down and pouts as she complains about how much she misses him while Santana brushes her hair and is just stunned by Rachel’s words. While Santana brushes she says that Rachel and Brody’s first meeting moment in the bathroom sounds really gay, which is maybe why he left, although Santana knows the truth. Rachel sits and wonders as she flashes back and reveals he didn’t say why he was leaving. It shows her running after him begging him to talk to her, but all he replies is ‘We’ll always be friends’, indicating they broke up. ‘That’s such a cliché break-up line’, Santana says, and tells her not to worry cause Rachel has her and Kurt, and although Rachel says ‘friends that make fun of her beauty and undermine her confidence’, Santana says ‘friends who play pranks’ and the two decide to prank Kurt by putting his hand in warm water and making him wet the bed. Rachel carrying the pot of warm water and Santana following behind slowly creep towards Kurt’s bed as they lift the curtain and the lights are turned on. Rachel see’s the boyfriend arm pillow which surprises Rachel. Rachel says it looks creepy but she is extremely excited. Rachel wants to try the pillow but Kurt says it’s exclusive and the name is Bruce and she can’t borrow him. Kurt decides to give Santana and Rachel some boyfriend pillow arms and he blindfolds them as he puts it around their necks. They all seem very cheerful with the gift. But Rachel says that it’s weird and she doesn’t need anything to cuddle with for she isn’t lonely just because Brody moved out doesn’t mean they can’t get back together. As Santana says ‘No’ and says it’s over, she begins to walk over as she’s tired of Rachel and her hope to get back with Brody. Kurt’s eyes and words clearly beg Santana not to tell Rachel. Santana explains she was wrong about him being a drug dealer but was wrong about what he was selling. But she finally reveals to Rachel that Brody is a gigolo, leaving Rachel to ask Kurt for confirmation. Kurt doesn’t reply, and Rachel storms off and closes the curtain. Rachel approaches Brody at NYADA later. He holds her hand and is about to kiss her but she hands him money, confusing him. She was hoping they could have dinner tonight, but in a sarcastic tone, she says she’s sorry if it wasn't enough and mentions the word ‘male hookers’ in an angry voice, revealing to Brody that she has been told the truth. 
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He throws the money at her telling her not to judge him but she throws it back yelling “For selling your body?!” Brody says that not everyone has two daddies to pay their bill. Rachel begins to cry as she tells herself she’s an idiot because he told her that if they were honest to each other, anything would be possible. “Why did you lie to me?” she asks. But to her surprise, he shoots back, “Why did YOU lie to me?!” Confusing her, she yells back asking when she lied to him. Pointing to the bruise on his face, he asks her who she thinks did that to his face, none other than Finn. Rachel is now stunned, that Finn came ALL the way to New York to do that to him. Brody now reveals back at her that she knows she still loves him and he knows she slept with him at that wedding. Rachel asks if Santana told him that but he says no one had to tell him. Brody is sorry about how he lied about all that stuff but he meant everything about how he felt towards her. Rachel then takes a seat explaining to him that it seems she really wasn't too honest and that a part of her was using this relationship to make Finn jealous and fill her up. ‘’So uhhh, is this over?’’ he asks. To which she says that it feels like it is. The two then sing Creep. After Brody and Rachel finally reveal to each other their back stories, Brody as a prostitute and Rachel sleeping with Finn and using Brody as the rebound, they finally admit that the relationship is over as the song begins. Rachel walks out of the room, crying as Brody sings. In the hallway, he watches her walk down, guilty. In the NYADA classroom, Rachel cuddles herself as she sings, watching the class perform ballet, then getting up, walking through them with determined eyes. The two are then seen alone in separate rooms, singing along. Back at the New York apartment, Brody is singing the song while Rachel sleeps and Rachel sings back as he sleeps. Towards the ending of the song, the two are running hurriedly through the hallways of NYADA as they sing with emotion. In the auditorium of NYADA, together they finish off the duet with microphone stands and wearing formal clothes. The lights on the stage close as Rachel and Brody look hurt. Rachel comes home from NYADA as she sees Kurt and Santana discussing an appealing TV show. They ask what happened with Brody and her, to which she tells them about the mature and honest conversation. Rachel declares it’s over. Rachel thanks Santana for her work and how she was trying her best to get Rachel to see, especially by getting Finn to come over. Rachel jokes as she says she won’t doubt Santana’s Mexican psychic third eye ever again. Kurt suggests she now should use her boyfriend pillow and recommends Rachel not to be sad. Rachel says she isn't and that she’s ready for her coming future and her new roomie, meaning Santana’s stay is no longer temporary but permanent. Since Rachel should be pitied as she went through a break-up and also found out her boyfriend was a man whore, she should decide the movie.
Picking up the film, Mamma Mia!, she begins to sing Mamma Mia. As she sings the intro ballad, Santana and Kurt hug their boyfriend pillows, smiling with excitement. They watch her as she walks over, most probably thinking about her break-up with Brody. Turning around as the song raises it's tempo, Santana and Kurt get up as they get into the exciting part of the song. The 3 sing as the song splits off to Lima, where the New Directions begin to sing their part of the song. Between New York and Lima, they dance similar dance moves and sing at the same time. Rachel, Kurt and Santana sing and dance while holding their boyfriend pillows and using hula-hoops. New Directions too, hold hula-hoops and golden rings.

Sweet DreamsEdit

Rachel is dressed similar to Barbra Streisand and looking at herself in the mirror as she treasures her dreams. The time has finally come for the Funny Girl audition as she auditions for Fanny, the role Barbara played. As she speaks in a voiceover, she speaks about Broadway being her dreams and her playing Fanny on Broadway gets her overwhelmed.
File:Tumblr mlhexupYJx1qapg62o4 250.gif
She tries out some hats and poses similar to Barbara as she speaks in her voiceover about the premiere of Funny Girl and since its premiere, there hasn’t been any revival. She says there hasn’t been any because producers can’t find any actress capable of filling the shoes of Barbara. As she walks over, she explains that luckily, they have her for she has been working on this since 5. Near the television, she sees a small Rachel Berry, sitting, watching what looks like Funny Girl. She places a determined face on and that she has always been encouraged to look towards Barbara all the time. She walks over to a shrine she has, devoted to Barbara, even including collections, signed souvenirs and pictures of Barbara’s husbands. She explains that she isn’t entering this audition as a simple fan girl but rather a girl who re-dedicates herself from men to people like Barbara. Rachel says Fanny is a long shot that everyone loves but Rachel herself is just some girl that got up from a high school Glee Club, but then she realized that Barbara was unknown before-hand too, singing in a high-school choir and being Jewish, similar to Rachel. Rachel then strolls over to the mirror once again, placing on one of Barbara’s costumes and hat as she speaks “Hello gorgeous.”
File:Rachelshelby SD hug.gif
At NYADA, Rachel decides to train herself for her audition with some Funny Girl classics, prepared to sing Don’t Rain on My Parade and various Barbara songs. But suddenly, Rachel hears a voice and sees Shelby, her biological mother and lets out a huge grin. As they excitedly reunite, Rachel asks what she’s doing here to which Shelby says she’s tracking her down because of the Funny Girl audition. Rachel wonders how Shelby knew to which she replies that they’re Facebook friends and when Rachel posted as Barbara, she knew. Shelby reminisces, as she re-tells how she never got to play the main part in Funny Girl to which Rachel seems a bit disappointed. Shelby also reveals that they are in the same city meaning more visits to each other more. Despite Shelby’s dreams of wanting to study at NYADA and perform songs by Barbara, her bigger and better dream is to see Rachel perform them. But not at her audition, which shocks Rachel. Shelby says to get the producers attention, Rachel needs to not become a carbon copy but rather become an original. To get Rachel warmed up and to try things differently, Shelby then pulls out the music sheets of Next to Meand the piano man begins to play the piano as Shelby and Rachel sing. Together, they sing in harmony with their power voices. At the end of the performance, they hug each other.  Before Rachel’s audition, she calls Finn to ask for advice on a song choice as she is confused. Finn tells her to pick the song that is most personal to her and where the roots of her talent and truth began. This inspires Rachel to pick out a classic. She thanks Finn also for attacking Brody and wished he could stay longer as they speak casually about his experience at college.
File:Rachel DSB.jpg
At the audition, Rachel watches as the producers speak about the previous audition as Rachel walks across the stage and prepares for the audition. Seeming overwhelmed, she begins to sing the song, Don’t Stop Believin’. Within seconds into the song, she imagines the Glee Club as it was 4 years ago when they performed the song. Kurt, Mercedes, Tina stand near the mics, vocalizing as Rachel smiles. She turns as she imagines Finn playing the drums and Artie playing the guitar. Gaining support, she continues the song. The producers seemed interested as they don't see what Rachel sees. At the end of the song, the six of the original Glee Club walk up with Rachel as they sing with her, similar to the choreography in the original Pilot. When Rachel finally let's out the final note, everyone she sees on stage disappears as the producers applaud her for her performance. Although, one of the producers did recognize the change in mid-song and asks her what was going to which she replies, she was thinking of her friends and that she wouldn't be the person she is now if it weren't for their courage. 

Towards the ending of the episode, before the performance of Outcast, Kurt and Rachel discuss the audition at the apartment as Rachel is worried and anxious due to the fact that she hasn’t received a call. They discuss her song choice and Shelby’s job in New York. As Rachel hurls her phone across the table, it rings as she squeals, it’s the Broadway Producers. She picks up and when the phonecall ends, she looks at Kurt and screams the news that she has been asked for callbacks. They hug and scream. 

Lights OutEdit

In this episode, Rachel and Kurt are worried about Santana not being able to find her future and achieve her dreams. They encourage her to find herself, Rachel commenting on how great Santana's voice and dance moves are, which Rachel opens up about herself and ballet when she was younger. But Santana insists on being a bar dancer still, disappointing the two. When Kurt reveals that Rachel, Santana and himself have been invited to attend the New York City Ballet GALA fest, Rachel and Kurt are excited. Santana isn't, but she is after Kurt offers dresses that they can keep afterwards. At the festival, Rachel asks Isabelle if they could watch the ballet in the audience, Isabelle tells them they can watch with her from the wings, an even better offer. Rachel insists that Santana doesn't like ballet but it is revealed she started her childhood attending classes too. As ballet dancers go across the stage, At the Ballet begins with Santana singing as Isabelle, Rachel and Kurt are seen standing next to her. As she continues to sing, ballet dancers dance next to her, as if she's remembering a she sings the lyrics. When the song progresses, Kurt, Rachel and Isabelle join in. In the scene, it includes a small Rachel, Kurt and Santana as they flashback to the ballet days. Towards the ending of the song, Isabelle speaks the dialogue in the song as the Indian chief can be seen behind her. The four walk and sing on the stage together, Santana, Kurt and Rachel, looking at their young selves in a ballet studio. They all complete the song as ballet dancers take to the stage. 


Good news is in abundance for the glee club: Rachel calls Will to tell him she's one of the finalists for the role of Fanny Brice in "Funny Girl" and credits him for helping her to get there, because of his inspiration for Don't Stop Believin', which she performed at her audition. Will then announces her second callback to the Glee Club. Two of the gays, seen in Diva, that used to admire Rachel but now wants to see her crushed, dibs on Cassandra about Rachel's callback and that Rachel won't be able to pass her mid-terms now. Catching Rachel rehearsing her lines for her callback, Cassandra torturees her by explaining that to ensure she'll be able to be on hand to watch Rachel choke at her first big Broadway audition, she's rescheduling Rachel's dance midterm to first thing in morning. She assigns her one of the most challenging ballet routines imaginable. Cassandra's continued insults prompt Rachel to prepare to prove her teacher wrong, but she's shocked to discover Cassandra's turned the midterm into a training camp for Rachel's audition: "At NYADA, we're family," says Cassandra, warming the boot camp with Uptight (Everything’s Alright)The whole class dances along with Rachel, holding up signs and supporting her. Cassandra seems the most pleased at her success. Rachel presents Cassandra with a gift: Debbie Allen's original cane from her role as the dance teacher in the film "Fame." Cassandra downplays the celebratory moment she staged for Rachel as NYADA tradition, but Rachel wants to thank her for pushing her so hard all year. Cassandra admits that she saw something special in Rachel on day one and wanted her to be able to endure the struggles on her way to success.

All or NothingEdit

At the beginning of the episode, as the New Directions prepare for regionals, Will reminds them to send their wishes to Rachel as she has her Funny Girl callback. Rachel nervously sits outside in a hallway, waiting, as the door opens, calling for her. The moment is intense for her, as Will asks the Glee Club to give Rachel applause wherever she is today. Rachel enters the room and introduces herself, the part she is auditioning for and also the song she will be singing, To Love You More. The piano begins and the flute is played as Rachel prepares herself to sing. Singing
File:To Love You More.png
with deep passion and a strong voice, she sings to the producers who watch her intently. Towards the end of the song, Rachel becomes emotional and lets out some tears as she holds her long notes. Finishing her callback solo with tears running down her cheek and nearly out of breath, the room is silent as everyone looks at her. One of the producers then thanks Rachel and tells her that they'll let her know.


Overbearing, hyperactive, self-involved, egotistical and shrewd, Rachel can often come off as one of the more annoying girls in the Glee Club, something all the other members have said at one point or another. First competition while still in diapers, Rachel's one true desire is to become a famous singing star and she has spent almost every moment of her life obsessively going for that goal. She is the best singer in Glee club and has faced Kurt Hummel, Sunshine Corazon, and Mercedes Jones in diva-offs. Rachel is so energized by her ambition that she often speaks at a rapid pace, often without any tact to what she says. Rachel can also be manipulative in her actions, such as getting the previous glee teacher fired when she didn't get a solo and using the fact that she has two gay dads and therefore a connection to the civil rights union to force a business to get Finn hired for a waiting job. Ironically, she has difficulty seeing when other people are manipulating her, such as when Kurt gave her bad advice to gain Finn's attention. She is easily angered for not getting her way, and at such occasions, she will leave the room with a dramatic exit (Though, as Artie once pointed out, they get less dramatic every time she does it). Yet despite her less than appealing tendencies, Rachel is not a bad person. Deep down, like so many other teens, she only wishes to be loved and to have friends. When others are hurting or feeling rejected, Rachel often is willing to come to their side and offer them help, even if the manner in which she does it is less than smooth, such as offering Quinn her support and friendship when she found out she was pregnant and was kicked off the cheerleading team, despite all the years of emotional torment. Rachel is a vegan, a fact revealed to fans in Funk before Vocal Adrenaline eggs her. (Although a minor error, she was seen eating pizza with pepperoni in the episode The Rhodes Not Taken. It was mentioned by Finn as he said: I think they import the pepperoni from, Michigan or something.) But she could have become a vegetarian after The Rhodes Not Taken. This was also confirmed in Duets when Finn tells Rachel that the vegan meatballs at Breadstix are "okay." She is also quite intelligent and is an overachiever.
File:Glee season 2.1.png
Rachel's romantic feelings towards certain people, like her core personality, can be somewhat scary. Upon meeting and singing with Finn for the first time, she became obviously enamored, causing Finn to become somewhat fearful for his safety as she sang to him. However, despite her overbearing nature, Finn found himself attracted to her "Swimfan" personality. Rachel also became attracted to Will at one point, after they sang a duet ballad together, and like Finn, Will became afraid, but for very different reasons. The only person who has not shown fear in regards to Rachel's romantic advances was Jesse St. James, who not only welcomed the advances, but apparently returned them as well as instigated them intentionally, due to their similar personalities. Jesse even admitted to being in-love with Rachel, which Rachel admitted in return, after only knowing him for a few days. It was later revealed that Jesse was trying to reconnect Rachel and her mother, making it unclear how much of their relationship was real and how much was part of the plot (though it is hinted at that Jesse genuinely cared for Rachel). In Theatricality it is discovered that her mother is Shelby Corcoran, the coach of their rival show choir, Vocal Adrenaline. Her mother, however, upon realizing how much she missed in Rachel's life, and how painful it was trying to continue a relationship that never existed, decided it was best that they not continue seeing each other. Despite Rachel's diva personality, the members of New Directions care about her. When Jesse cracked an egg on her head, the club members were furious and even threatened to rip his face off. Later she has been trying to improve her personality. In Duets, she let Sam and Quinn win, but as Finn pointed out it was, in a way, for personal reasons. This behavior continues as she offers Kurt some friendly support and invites him to do a duet with her. In Special Education, she helps him try for a solo at Dalton Academy, and offers him immense support during the Dalton Academy Warblers' performance, urging him to smile and giving him a standing ovation. Rachel is very protective of her Jewish roots and her two fathers. She often speaks about them and her upbringing, her unconventional life has given her a solid grounding but she was still pleased to find her mom in Season One. Despite her being incredibly beautiful, it has been shown many times she's insecure of how she looks, like in Born This Way when she wanted to get a nose job and in Silly Love Songs when she said Quinn was prettier than her.

By Season Three, Rachel still has her determined and self-centred wits. At the first half of the season, she was very determined to get Maria in the West Side Story musical at McKinley. Afraid she won't get the role, she runs against Kurt and Brittany for Senior Class President, thinking for herself, instead of for Kurt, which is generally angry, as Rachel promised she would vote for him. But Rachel's selfishness pulls in, as later she drops out of the candidates and tells everyone to vote for Kurt. When it's time to vote, Rachel knows Kurt will lose to Brittany and cheats by stuffing many votes for Kurt, which Kurt is blamed for. At the end of I Kissed A Girl, it seems Rachel has admitted to Figgins that she did the dirty work and she will be disqualified for Sectionals. She seems to care about Shelby and Quinn a lot, as when Quinn was out to get Shelby for having an affair with Puck, Rachel stops Quinn and they become friends afterwards. On the second half of the season, Finn pops the big question and asks Rachel to marry him, in which she doesn't answer, until Michael, she says yes. When Sebastian decides to blackmail Rachel with a photoshopped, naked picture of Finn and threatening to post it up if Rachel does not withdraw from Regionals, Rachel seems to not care about Finn and says she will go sing and won't matter if Finn's picture is uploaded which angers Finn. At the end of On My Way, Rachel and Finn's wedding has come but Quinn ends up in a car accident, leaving Rachel completely scarred and the wedding is cancelled. Rachel is saddened and continues to feel bad that it was her fault that caused Quinn to be injured, but Quinn reassures her. By the end of Season Three, Rachel's development from that self-centred, determined person in Season One to the more caring, determined leader that everyone respects.

In Season Four, Rachel has definitely changed. She is a big fish in a big ocean as she goes to New York, Finn sending her off in Season Three's finale. She goes by herself as her best gay, Kurt, did not make it in. In The New Rachel, Rachel can already see how hard she is being tested as her teacher, Cassandra July, pushes her hard to the point that she can't take it anymore. In New York, Rachel is not the boss, she is the learner. Brody Weston, a fellow NYADA student, tells Rachel that the only reason she's in New York is because she's changed into a new, improved girl and she should look at shaping the future rather than always dwelling in the past.

In the third episode of Season Four, Makeover, Rachel has a makeover from Isabelle and Kurt, getting rid of her old looks from Lima, Ohio, and readying herself as the New Rachel, the fresh, changed one. She is seen with a different hairstyle, new looks and particularly different clothing. Before Brody and her sing A Change Would Do You Good, Brody comments on her change, saying that New York City isn't New York City until you have a makeover. When Brody and Rachel have a date/dinner at Rachel and Kurt's NYC apartment, they continually flirt and speak about secrets and changes. When Finn knocks on the door during the Brochel moment, it leaves Rachel shocked. This is because, although Finn is Rachel's first love, Rachel has changed a lot upon coming to New York, especially with a new love interest, Brody.


Finn HudsonEdit

Main article: Rachel-Finn Relationship (Finchel)

Throughout the first season, Rachel and Finn are heavily on and off. During the first half, their relationship is generally kept a secret, but is then cut short when Quinn, Finn's then-girlfriend, finds out she is pregnant. Rachel and Finn's relationship resumes after sectionals due to the fact that he finds out he isn't the father, instead being Puck. This, however, is also cut short when Finn is uneasy about the pace of the relationship and ends it. Soon after, he realizes she is the one he wants, but comes to the grim discovery that she is going strong with Jesse St. James. Their relationship continues and subsequently ends, allowing Finn and Rachel to be together through the season finale, Journey, and into the next season.

Their relationship lasted for a little while in the beginning of Season Two, then abruptly ended when Finn found out that Rachel cheated on him with Puck in retaliation for what Finn had done with Santana during her own previous relationship with Jesse. The two are broken up until the season finale, New York, where they share a kiss on the Nationals stage due to their apparent everlasting love for one another, costing them the Nationals trophy, but rekindling their love once again.

The two are strong throughout the heavy majority of Season Three, Rachel even losing her virginity to Finn and the two getting engaged. Finn, however, sets Rachel free to follow her dreams in New York in the season finale, Goodbye, realizing their relationship is keeping her from her greatest potential.

In Season Four, Rachel is back in New York but misses Finn allot. This can be seen as when Brody talks about his failed relationship with his girlfriend, Rachel quickly comments, saying that she'll never turn her back on Finn. She continually looks through pictures of her and Finn on her iPhone.

As time goes on, Brody and Rachel's relationship strengthens, Brody able to admit his crush for Rachel but Rachel, still remembering Finn. In Britney 2.0, as Rachel and Kurt decorate their NYC apartment, Rachel paints Finn's name and draws hearts around it, indicating that she still loves him. Kurt reminds her that Finn let her go to give her space and because he loves her, Rachel trying to take that in. But at the end of the episode, she paints over Finn's name. Rachel is beginning to shift her thoughts.

In the episode, Makeover, Rachel goes through a makeover and changes her ways, her appearance and she and Brody's relationship grows further. While Brody and Rachel have dinner at Rachel and Kurt's NYC apartment, all of a sudden, they make out, and then the door knocks. Rachel, assuming it's Kurt, answers the door, only to see Finn at the doorstep, grinning. Brody gets up behind Rachel as he watches the two. Finn sees Brody and his eyes shift back at Rachel, full of confusement and hurt. Rachel has changed and even though Finn was her first love, upon entering New York City, she decides not to dwell in her past and this impacts on Finn, because Rachel can't take it anymore.

In The Break-Up, Finn is still unaware of Brody and Rachel's kiss, but does suspect something. Rachel is told about Finn's experience in the army and how he was shot and she decides to let him have a "NYADA experience" to see if maybe he would want to be in NYADA. But Finn knows it won't work out. When Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Blaine go to a NYADA student hang-out bar, Callbacks, Brody and Rachel sing and Finn can see the chemistry between them. Afterwards, Finn forces Rachel to admit what's going on and she does, leaving Finn disheartened. They both go to sleep without talking. Just like last time, Finn leaves Rachel and doesn't answer her calls and texts and when she finds him back at McKinley's auditorium, she is infuriated at how he keeps making her chase him and she's tired of being confused and she doesn't need him to give her freedom, and with that, Rachel says she can't do it anymore, at least for now and says that she and him are done.

In Glease, Rachel and Kurt return to Lima, Ohio knowing that Finn is directing and Blaine is being featured in the school production. Upon entering McKinley, Rachel and Kurt have an awkward scene with Blaine and Finn where they greet each other nicely. When Marley and Ryder and the rest of the cast perform You're The One That I Want, Rachel fantasises her and the rest of the old members of New Directions and their lovers singing. She and Finn sing for the audience and at the end of the performance/fantasy, she runs into the female bathroom. After a phone call and learning of Brody and Cassandra's affair, Rachel comes out of the bathroom in tears. Finn comes out of the corner and calls for her. Finn says she missed the curtain call. "Have you been crying?" Finn asks. But Rachel denies, saying she's fine. "For two years, I was the guy you came to for every little problem. Are we just gonna, pretend that we're not even friends anymore?" Finn says.

"I just, I shouldn't have come here." Rachel replies. "It's just, it's too weird." Finn asks then why did she come.

She says for Kurt and for him, Finn. She says that everything was really, really good but she had a couple of notes but they were small. Finn thanks her coming and says that the whole time he was directing he was basically thinking of what would she do because she's kind of his moose. She corrects him and says it's a muse. He says he knows and he wanted to see her smile. Finn asks if she can tell him what she's so upset about but Rachel says she rather not. He asks if she was crying about him, but she replies and says it wasn't. "Oh.. it's about him, isn't it? Brody?" Finn says with a smirk. "I just didn't think you would move on that fast.."

Rachel says he doesn't know that but Finn says that he knows her and the four different types of crying: Fake crying, Singing crying, Disappointed crying and the crying over a guy which Finn knows very well because Rachel reserved it for Finn. Rachel then lets it out, "Well, I told you we shouldn't talk about this." Finn says then maybe they shouldn't talk about anything anymore. He says that no contact and not even in song and when she comes to visit, he doesn't want to know about it. Rachel replies and says it's a good idea and despite not knowing what will happen between them, she'll know that he's the guy who made her feel like the most special thing in the whole world and it doesn't feel that way anymore. "It just feels sad and confusing and the worse part is... it doesn't really feel that bad anymore.." Rachel says. Finn, full of hurt, replies that whatever made her cry for that Brody guy it made sure she didn't cry for himself.

Despite Finn asking Rachel not to talk to him, they have a small phone call after Rachel announces that she won her Winter Showcase at NYADA. This takes place in the episode,Swan Song. Finn, angry and uninterested to talk, gets motivated by Rachel as she says that Glee Club isn't all about competing after their loss at Sectionals. She says that he shouldn't give up on their dream and not on New Direction's either.

Noah PuckermanEdit

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They start dating in Mash-Up because Puck's mother wants him to date a Jewish girl. Later that night he has a mysterious dream, in which Rachel climbed through his window wearing a Star of David necklace. He thinks that this is a message from God and they embark on a short-lived romance, and Puck sings Sweet Caroline to her during Glee. Rachel ends the relationship because she still has feelings for Finn and suspects Puck has feelings for Quinn. She admitted that the reason she agreed to date him was because she wanted to make Finn jealous. Rachel then offered Puck to be friends again but Puck turned her down, claiming they had never been friends in the first place.

In Bad Reputation, it is revealed that Rachel is ironically turned on by Puck's bad boy image. They almost kiss while Rachel is dating Jesse. He is later very hurt when he finds out he was used to recreate Rachel's image to make her seem like a bad girl along with Finn and Jesse.

In Special Education, they have another make out session but Puck turns her down because he doesn't want to hurt Finn again by sleeping with another of his girlfriends. This causes Finn and Rachel to break up for the second time. In an effort to make Finn jealous, Rachel gets Puck to perform a duet with her in The Sue Sylvester Shuffle.

In Born This Way, Puck, with Kurt's help, is the one to organized the Barbara-vention for Rachel in an effort to try and talk her out of getting a nose-job.

Jesse St. JamesEdit

Main article: Rachel-Jesse Relationship (St. Berry)
File:1x14 Rachel and Jesse meet each other for the first time.PNG
Jesse St. James is the popular lead male singer of Vocal Adrenaline. After Finn breaks up with Rachel (though they never officially had started dating), she ends up meeting Jesse while at the music store. After dismissing her performance at Sectionals, he invites her out on a date, and the two quickly become a serious item, claiming to be 'in love'. The rest of New Directions, however, are uneasy about the relationship, believing Jesse to be a spy for their rival school. When Rachel tries to find this out for herself, Jesse claims it not be true.

However, when Rachel refuses to have sex with Jesse, he drops out. of his old school and moves to his uncle's so he can transfer to McKinley, be with Rachel and join the Glee Club. It is interesting to note that the leader of Vocal Adrenaline gave Jesse a look which presumably meant to stay with Rachel to not blow his cover. Later, Rachel looks through boxes of her childhood and infant memorabilia in search of the identity of her birth mother. What she doesn't notice is the fact that the tape that she uses to identify her mother, Shelby Corcoran, does not come from the many boxes but from Jesse's shirt pocket. This is later addressed when Jesse climbs into Shelby's car, proving that he wasn't there as a spy for Vocal Adrenaline, but to lead Rachel into finding her birth mother. Jesse confesses to Ms. Corcoran that, while originally he developed a relationship with Rachel to hone his acting abilities, he admitted starting to have feelings for her.

This was contradicted in Funk when he and the other Vocal Adrenaline members egged her, though he did tel her that he loved her, though it is unknown if he was telling the truth or not.

Jesse returns to Lima toward the end of Season Two, telling Rachel that losing her was his "one great regret." He tells her that she is what is most important to him. He asks if he can go to Prom with her and they do. He gets thrown out though when Finn starts a fight with him for nuzzling Rachel's neck. In New York, Rachel says that he had been texting her all day. In the end Rachel, Rachel and Finn kiss in the finale and although they lost the championship, they both claimed that it was worth it. Towards the ending of the episode, the two rekindle their relationship.

Brody WestonEdit

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File:Ustv glee season4 nyc 6.jpg

At the beginning of Season Four (The New Rachel) Rachel and Brody meet in the NYADA bathrooms. Rachel hears Brody sing Sister Christian in the showers as she listens intently. He comes out of the shower naked which distracts her and they both have a small conversation. Rachel and Brody both have many things in common. It seems Rachel and Brody are both students at NYADA, both majoring in student theatre and there are many other points. Brody is a junior while Rachel is a freshman and Brody has been on broadway, which surprises Rachel. Later in the episode, Rachel is asked to perform in front of the class and in front of Carmen Tibideaux. Brody watches her intently as she sings New York State of Mind and is the only one to applaud her when she finishes. In New York, Rachel scrolls through her photos and is reminded of Finn. Brody questions if that's her boyfriend and she talks about Finn. Brody then takes her phone and takes a picture of the both of them, saying that she should remember this day when he told her to not dwell in the past and instead realise that she is the best of the best and she came to New York because she has changed into a new and improved girl. He offers to walk with her their classes back at NYADA.

In Britney 2.0, Brody begins to loosen up to Rachel. Dancing with her in Oops!... I Did It Again, calling her sexy and bringing her orchards at her apartment. He is about to kiss her before she stops him and Brody knows that Rachel is not over Finn and he should respect her boundaries instead of going ahead. He reminds Rachel that even though he fails now, everytime they do something, sing something or talk together, he's thinking of kissing her.

Makeover reveals that Brody and Rachel have become a lot closer. During A Change Would Do You Good, Rachel and Brody are seen exploring New York together along with dancing in the studio. Brody and Rachel take pictures using their phones and Brody also buys Rachel some ice-cream. Rachel cooks Brody dinner the next evening and the two share an intimate moment towards the end of the episode after reflecting on their childhood, changes and secrets.

In The Break-Up, Finn and Rachel are feeling awkward after Finn caught Rachel with Brody. However, Rachel insists that they are just friends. Later, when Rachel and Finn double dates with Kurt and Blaine at the karaoke bar, Callbacks, Brody runs into the foursome, providing an awkward situation. Finn then insists that Rachel and Brody sing a duet together on the karaoke, in which they are hesitant but they agree. They sing a pleasant rendition of Demi Lovato's Give Your Heart a Break, which is well received by the patrons. After the date, Rachel admits that she and Brody may be something more than just friends which upsets Finn leading them to sing Don't Speak.

In Glease, Brody and other upperclassmen/juniors are permitted to enter Cassandra's freshmen class so the upperclassmen can help the freshmen with their dancing. Rachel and Brody meet and are happy. Cassandra overhears Rachel's conversation with Brody about audition for an off-Broadway audition of The Glass Menagerie and Cassandra is filled with jealousy. She asks Brody to help with her audition but at this point, Cassandra says Rachel doesn't have enough wounds for the audition. Rachel says she does. Cassandra convinces Rachel and Kurt to go to McKinley to watch Grease. After going to McKinley's Grease School Production, Rachel calls Brody after she fantasises her and Finn singing You're The One That I Want. Instead, Cassandra picks up and tells Rachel of her and Brody's affair and that Brody is at Cassandra's house, leaving Rachel very distraught.

In Thanksgiving, Brody and Rachel discuss their situation the adult way and Rachel soons forgives him. Brody helps Rachel with their Thanksgiving, even dancing togeher in the performance, Let's Have A Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time

During the episode, Swan Song, Rachel prepares for her winter showcase, but before she takes to the stage, she kisses Brody, saying that she's decided to do things when she has the chance and opportunity. They even hold hands during Kurt's re-audition at the showcase. 

Sadie HawkinsEdit

In the beginning of the episode, Rachel reveals to Kurt that Brody spent the night because it was a long commute from his apartment to hers. Throughout the episode, Rachel has become too busy to hang out with Kurt due to investing all of her time with Brody. Kurt explains that she runs off to help Brody with something that will no doubt have Brody shirtless. Later on, Rachel cooks a turkey burger for Brody but he arrives forty-five minutes late which angers Rachel. Brody apologizes for missing the dinner and tells her that she is priceless and he would go to the end of the world for her. 

The two later dance with each other during a montage scene to Ryder's I Only Have Eyes For You and Brody tells her that he will try to find a place closer to Rachel, to which Rachel asks him to move in with her.


In this episode, Brody comes out and sits in front of Kurt, completely nude. Kurt scolds him and tells Rachel off for letting her boyfriend sit his bare ass down on his vintage flea market chairs. When Rachel talks about her topless scene in a student film, Brody supports her, but Kurt does not. Brody defends her by saying that in order for Rachel to win an Oscar, she has to expose herself. Rachel says she'll do the scene regardless of whether Kurt wants to support her or not.


Because of Rachel's insufferable attitude since the Winter Showcase, Kurt has decided to knock Rachel down a peg by challenging her to a diva off at an event titled 'Midnight Madness'. Rachel asks Brody what a Midnight Madness is and he explains that it is basically NYADA's fight club but with singing instead of punching. When they later perform Bring Him Home, Brody is seen smiling at both of their performances, not showing any biased favor towards his girlfriend. Even when Kurt is voted the winner, he remains impartial.

I DoEdit

Brody does not attend Will's wedding in Lima, however, he is mentioned by Rachel several times during her meeting with Finn. She mentions that Brody felt weird about going to a stranger's wedding.

Once Rachel comes home, Brody has decorated the entire house for Valentine's Day. They share a few kisses and Brody notices that she is kissing differently and asks if Rachel has seen Finn. Rachel denies anything has happened between the two. When Rachel asks if Brody has done anything interesting, he denies and says he's been at home watching work-out videos, but a cutaway scene showing Brody leaving a hotel with money, the implication being that he has been prostituting himself. At the end of the episode during Anything Could Happen, Brody and Rachel are seen sleeping in the same bed. Then, Rachel gets up to go to the bathroom and take a pregnancy test.

Cassandra JulyEdit

Main article: Rachel-Cassandra Relationship
In Season Four, Rachel starts NYADA classes in New York upon being sent by Finn to go to Lima, Ohio. At the very beginning of The New Rachel, in her dance class, her dance instructor, Cassandra July, always picks on
Rachel, calling her "Little Miss David Schwimmer" implying that she looks like the female version of Ross from Friends. Eventually Rachel bursts out and asks why Cassandra picks on her, to which Cassandra denies, saying she motivates her. Cassandra continually picks on Rachel, calls her "God Almighty Schwimmer" or "David Schwimmer" or just "Schwimmer." She promises to make Rachel's every minute in NYADA a living hell. Even Brody says that she is tough.

In Britney 2.0, Cassandra accuses Rachel for having no sex appeal. This motivates Rachel to perform Oops!... I Did It Again, at NYADA in front of Cassandra with Brody. Cassandra is unimpressed, saying Rachel was okay but Brody was incredible. Rachel then bursts out and says that Rachel and the NYADA students are still part of the business and Miss July is just angered and jealous cause of her fail career (explained by Kurt to Rachel at their New York apartment). Cassandra then sends Rachel out of class. Later, Rachel comes back to apologise, and Miss July lectures her calmly and explains that she only puts pressure on Rachel because she wants Rachel to understand that life isn't as easy as it is out there. Rachel is now on probation and according to school policy, cannot be kicked out, only to be warned. Towards the end of the episode, during Everytime, Cassandra asks a boy to dance with Rachel, instead of always letting Rachel sit out.

Cassandra returns in Glease and welcomes the upperclassmen to her class to teach the freshmen real dancing. Among these upperclassmen is Brody Weston and he conversates with his fellow friend/love interest, Rachel. Cassandra overhears and knows that Rachel is auditioning for the off-Broadway musical, The Glass Menagerie. She tells Rachel that she doesn't have enough wounds but Rachel says she can cope. Rachel tells Cassandra to audition and maybe "get back in the game" to which Cassandra doesn't answer. Jealousy feels her eyes. She asks Brody to be her "TA" to try and make Brody not help Rachel's audition but Brody does help, making Cassandra more jealous. Cassandra later pushes Rachel to go back to Lima, Ohio to watch McKinley's School Production of Grease as Kurt insisted, and maybe even visit her "loser ex boyfriend." In There Are Worse Things I Could Do, Brody and Cassandra dance and we witness a kiss. After Rachel fantases about her and Finn and is distraught, she attempts to call Brody but Cassandra picks up, explaining her affair with Brody, and that this is a life lesson for Rachel, leaving Rachel further distraught.

When Cassandra returns in Swan Song, Rachel decides to show Cassandra how good she's gotten. They have a sing and dance off with the song from Chicago, All That Jazz. Cassandra says she is the best dancer and that Rachel can't even outdance her. Rachel agrees, but now Cassandra has shown Rachel the way and that Rachel has the best voice and will win the showcase with it. Cassandra doubts it. And to top it off, she wins the show case.

In Wonder-ful, Cassandra finds out about Rachel's broadway callback, and decides to crush her by making her do her mid-term early, forcing her to do the hardest routine so she can fumble with both activities. But unexpected, Cassandra lies, and the mid-term is actually a booty camp to prepare Rachel as the whole class congratulates her with a song. Cassandra and Rachel later have a conversation to which it is revealed that Cassandra only pushed Rachel harder to get her to her full potential and Cassandra knows that Rachel will get the part. 



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Season Four:


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Solos (In A Group Number)Edit

Season One



Solos with

Push It Showmance Artie, Finn, Tina and Mercedes
Somebody to Love The Rhodes Not Taken Artie, Finn and Mercedes
Imagine Hairography
Jump Mattress
You Can't Always Get What You Want Sectionals
My Life Would Suck Without You Finn and Tina
Hello, Goodbye Hell-O Finn and Mercedes
Express Yourself The Power of Madonna Mercedes, Quinn, Tina, and Santana
Like a Virgin Jesse, Emma, Will, Finn and Santana
Like a Prayer Jesse, Mercedes, Kurt and Finn
Run Joey Run Bad Reputation Puck, Jesse and Finn
Total Eclipse of the Heart Jesse, Finn and Puck
Any Way You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' Journey Finn, Puck, Kurt, Mercedes and Artie
Don't Stop Believin' Finn, Puck, Santana, Artie, Kurt and Mercedes
To Sir, with Love Mercedes, Santana, Kurt, Tina, Artie, and Finn

Season Two



Solos with

Empire State of Mind Audition Artie, Puck, Finn, Mercedes and Santana
Toxic Britney/Brittany Will, Brittany, Santana, and Tina
One of Us Grilled Cheesus Tina, Kurt, Finn, Mercedes and Quinn
There's a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place) The Rocky Horror Glee Show Finn and Kurt
Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer Never Been Kissed Mercedes, Tina, Santana and Brittany
Marry You Furt Finn, Quinn, Sam, Brittany, Artie, Tina and Mike
Welcome Christmas A Very Glee Christmas Artie and Mercedes
Deck the Rooftop Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Tina, Mercedes, Santana, Finn and Artie
Last Christmas Finn and Mercedes
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Mercedes, Tina, Quinn and Santana
Thriller/Heads Will Roll The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Artie, Finn and Santana
Afternoon Delight Sexy Emma, Quinn, Carl and Puck
Loser Like Me Original Song Finn, Santana, Mercedes and Brittany
Don't Stop Rumours Sam, Quinn and Finn
I Love New York/New York, New York New York Santana, Finn, Mercedes, Artie and Brittany
Light up the World Santana, Artie, Brittany, Finn and Tina

Season Three



Solos with

We Got the Beat The Purple Piano Project Santana and Brittany
You Can't Stop the Beat Finn, Kurt, Artie, Mercedes and Tina
We Are Young Hold on to Sixteen Finn, Sam, Quinn, Mercedes and Santana
Do They Know It's Christmas? Extraordinary Merry Christmas Finn, Mercedes, Blaine, Kurt, Artie, Brittany, Puck, Tina and Santana
My Favorite Things Mercedes, Kurt, and Blaine
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Yes/No Tina, Mercedes and Santana
Ben Michael Kurt and Finn
Black or White Artie, Santana, Mercedes and Kurt
Love Shack Heart Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes, Brittany and Sugar
Fly/I Believe I Can Fly On My Way Artie, Santana, Blaine, Finn and Mercedes
How Will I Know Dance with Somebody Kurt, Mercedes and Santana
Big Girls Don't Cry Prom-asaurus Kurt and Blaine
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Nationals Finn, Puck, Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Brittany, Mike and Mercedes
Tongue Tied Finn, Artie and Santana
We Are the Champions Finn, Puck, Santana, Kurt, and Quinn

You Get What You Give


Finn, Puck/Sam and Mercedes

Season Four



Solos with

The Way You Look Tonight/You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile Makeover Kurt and Isabelle
Don't Speak The Break-Up Kurt, Blaine and Finn
The Scientist Finn, Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Brittany, Will and Emma
You're the One That I Want Glease Ryder, Marley, Finn, Santana, Brittany, Kurt and Blaine
Let's Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time Thanksgiving Kurt and Isabelle
Let's Have a Kiki Glee: The Music, Season 4, Volume 1
Love Song Naked Quinn and Santana
We've Got Tonite I Do Finn, Kurt, Blaine, Marley, Jake, Quinn, Santana, Artie and Betty
Mamma Mia Guilty Pleasures Santana, Kurt, Kitty, Marley, Blaine, Sam and Unique
At the Ballet Lights Out Santana, Kurt, and Isabelle

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Trivia Edit

  • Her peers describe her as "sneaky hot and trustworthy."
  • Had issues with her nose and once wanted Quinn's nose (Born This Way)
  • Her main idols are Patti LuPone and Barbra Streisand.
  • She was the main motivator and leader of the Glee Club.
  • For group numbers, her dance partner is usually Finn.
  • Her fashion style, which was often mocked by Kurt, Brittany, Santana, and Quinn mostly included leg warmers, knee socks, sweaters and short skirts, before her makeover in Makeover.
  • Rachel once had a crush on Will Schuester, like Suzy Pepper. Rachel and Suzy, coincidentally, both have surnames that describe plants.
  • Has no gag-reflex. (Showmance)
  • She was named after Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston's character on the TV show Friends. Coincidentally, on Friends, Rachel had a fiancee named Barry.
  • Her middle name, Barbra, comes from Barbra Streisand, a singing sensation and idol to Rachel herself.
  • She loves gold stars, and it is her "symbol" just like her biological mother, Shelby Corcoran.
  • She relates drinking from her gold star cup to being upset.
  • Defying Gravity, which she sang in Wheels, is her go-to-shower song as well as her ringtone.
  • She tries to be in as many clubs as possible to get pictures taken of her as practice for the paparazzi. As revealed in Mattress, she was in the Speech Club, Mock United Nations Club, Renaissance Club, Muslim Students Club and Black Student Union in her sophomore year.
  • She can cry on demand. (Mattress)
  • She, Mercedes, Kurt, and Will have all called her the best singer in Glee club. In Hold on to Sixteen, Quinn has also said that she knows she's not as good of a singer as Rachel or Kurt.
  • Whenever she is sad and cries, she gets thirsty, because her dads would always bring her a glass of water when she would be sad.
  • Is "ironically" turned on by "bad boys." (Bad Reputation)
  • She has had the most solos in Glee club, and the most solos on the show, at 35.
  • She often wears gold necklaces, including a gold star, a gold "R" or a gold "Finn" charm.
  • Her clothing-style has changed slightly from Season One to Season Two, being in the beginning wearing short skirts, leg warmers, and sweaters almost every episode, and has now become more of a variety with dresses, tights, and turtle necks.
  • Favorite color is pink. (The Rhodes Not Taken)
  • She only takes photos from her left side. (Mattress)
  • She has performed solo songs in four out of eight competitions (Sectionals, Original Song, On My Way and Nationals). The New Directions have won each of those competitions.
  • She has been practicing Don't Rain on My Parade since she was four years old. However in Choke she said she sang this since she was two.
  • She wears white cotton panties (Throwdown).
  • She and Finn have taken the lead solos in six out eight competitions New Directions had competed in (Sectionals, Journey, Original Song, New York, On My Way and Nationals), the only competitions they didn't sing were those in Special Education and Hold on to Sixteen.
  • Grape is her favorite slushie flavor. (Mash-up)
  • She has a Wicked and Mamma Mia! poster in her bedroom (Heart).
  • She has auditioned several times for community theater but has never actually gotten a part, as revealed in Sectionals.
  • She is the first person to be seen getting slushied in the show.
  • She can belt an A5, as shown in Halo/Walking on Sunshine.
  • She is a fan of romantic comedies (New York).
  • Her Dads wrote "To our dearest shining star, Rachel. You have worked hard for this moment. We are always proud of you. Love, Dad and Dad" in the year book (Nationals).
  • Rachel mentioned that she is a fan of "Evita" at least once every season:
  • Rachel has provided vocals for every song from three musicals covered on the show:
  • Used to teach dance classes in 2008 (I Kissed a Girl).
  • Excluding when she was suspended of the glee club, I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)/You Make My Dreams Come True, Bad, Night Fever, Stayin' Alive and My Love Is Your Love are the only New Directions songs where she doesn't sing a solo in Season Three.
  • Rachel has never tied her hair up in a competition (however, in Journey, New York, and On My Way, she wears it back with a headband).
  • Along with Will, she has had the most voiceovers of any character.
  • States in Prom-asaurus that becoming Quinn's friend was her greatest achievement in high school.  
  • She has sung both the opening and the closing number of the musical Chicago, and interestingly, both are duets with one of her teachers. (All That Jazz, Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag).
  • Said in Prom-asaurus she told Quinn she looked up at her in her high school time.
  • She was vegan, but was later revealed she is now vegetarian in Thanksgiving.
  • She is the only season one Glee club girl who hasn't ever been a Cheerio.
  • Present in all episodes until The Role You Were Born to Play
  • Rachel was the first Glee Club member to have a crush on a teacher, later followed my Puck and his feelings for Shelby. .
  • Has had at least three different phones during season 4:
    • In The New Rachel, she has an IPhone.
    • In Naked, she uses a Windows Phone to google Santana's name.
    • In I Do, she has a Samsung Galaxy.



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